Obama – pouring petrol on the flames of war – Four simple points to understand his deadly game

by / Friday, 20 February 2015 / Published in News, World

Here are the facts:

1) The USA and its Saudi and Qatari allies funnel weapons to Islamic State through Nato member Turkey;

2) The USA and its EU and UK puppets try to strangle the Syrian government/s efforts to fight the Islamist invasion;

3) USA ally Israel repeatedly bombs the Syrian army to aid the Islamist rebels, and patches up hundreds of wounded Jihadi fighters in Israeli hospitals before sending them back to war;

4) The USA pours heavy weapons into Iraq, where the army runs away, handing them over to Islamic State fighters;

4) The USA uses its British and French puppets to destroy the anti-Islamist government of Libya so that the ruins of that country are taken over by Islamic State.

And THEN Obama uses the Islamic State “threat” which America and its allies created to push the US Congress for a blank cheque allowing him to go to war anywhere in the world whenever he wants and for whatever reason.