Why the ‘right’ keeps losing! Globalists study regime change while nationalists talk about abstract ideas

by / Tuesday, 10 May 2016 / Published in neo-cons, World

For decades, it’s been pretty much a one way street – nationalist or patriotic governments are overthrown by ‘Coloured Revolutions’ organised by highly skilled operatives funded by the CIA, George Soros and all sorts of globalists, while left-wing tyrannies face totally ineffective ‘opposition’ by idealistic patriotic intellectuals who would have difficulty working out how to escape from a paper bag. Patriots obey the rules, while the CIA and EU use the cover of teachings about ‘non-violent resistance’ to bring bloody revolution to the streets of Libya, Syria and Ukraine.

The other evening in Paris (watch this page for news of a great weekend of events!) I was discussing this problem with a group of well-informed nationalists, and discovered that they had not even heard of Gene Sharp, the intellectual Godfather of the CIA/Soros regime change machines. And in other meetings, in Poland, Berlin, Belarus and Belgium I have found the same.

This gap in the intellectual and practical theory of our struggle is extraordinarily dangerous, for it denies nationalists both the potential to help defend future democratically elected nationalist governments from ‘coloured revolution’ subversion, and the knowledge needed to challenge liberal-left tyranny through peaceful, mass democratic action.

Here are a few books recommended by way of a starting point, followed by the trailer for an excellent – though of course absurdly rose-tinted – film introduction to the subversive, anti-democratic and anti-national work of the grandfather of non-violent struggle. All of Sharp’s books, plus those of others in the same genre, such as Saul Alinksy’s earlier Rules for Radicals, are available in multiple languages.  All are vital reading for nationalists and patriots who understand the threat of liberal and global totalitarianism and the need for intelligent action in defence of true democracy and national sovereignty.

In particular, Sharp’s classic From Dictatorship to Democracy is available in English as a copyright-free download here: