Chilcot Cover-Up: The radical nationalist response

by / Wednesday, 06 July 2016 / Published in neo-cons, News
The British media are unanimous in saying that the much-delayed Chilcot Report is ‘devastating’. So after a couple of days of tut-tutting the whole question of how Britain was dragged into war, not just in Iraq but in a whole series of insanely dangerous foreign military adventures, can be put away in a box and conveniently forgotten. What a farce!
The reality is that £10 million and seven whole years have been utterly wasted in the Chilcot Cover-Up.
A truthful and truly ‘devastating’ Chilcot Report would have explored the links between the decision to destroy Iraq and throw away the lives of so many young soldiers while opening the Pandora’s Box of sectarianism, and:
a) The Project for the New American Century and the ”endless war’ plan to ensure Washington’s military and economic hegemony and control over energy supplies for the next one hundred years;
b) The Oded Yinon Plan to ensure the regional dominance of the Zionist state of Israel by encouraging the USA and its puppets to destroy and Balkanise the Arab states, regardless of the human consequences in terms of death and the unleashing of a tidal wave of refugees;
c) The massive ‘donations’ Blair received from a clique of Zionist businessmen in North London;
d) The key role of Rupert Murdoch and the Times in Blair’s WMD propaganda, viewed in the light of the occupied Golan Heights fracking concessions granted to a Murdoch company.
Since none of those factors is even mentioned, the Report’s failure to use the word ‘lie’ in connection with the war criminal Blair is only the tip of the Chilcot £10 million Cover-Up iceberg.
If we are to believe Chilcot, the whole thing was just a big British blunder, the result of stupidity and arrogance of Blair and a few other bumbling idiots. “Just a mistake. We’re all very sorry. Now move along, there’s nothing to see here.”
What utter nonsense! The destruction of Iraq, the deaths and maiming of thousands of young American and British servicemen, and the subsequent rise of ISIS were NOT the result of Charge of the Light Brigade-style bungling. It was all planned. It turned out exactly as planned. And the identities and motives of the planners are a matter of record.
We wouldn’t need ten million pounds, or seven years, to establish these facts, or even to investigate and explain the abject failure of the UK’s mainstream media to expose the truth about the Chilcot Cover-Up.
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