Video: Treating us all like mushrooms! As terror comes knocking on our doors, French media to cover up identity of Islamist killers

by / Friday, 29 July 2016 / Published in video, Wahhabism

With public anger over Islamist terror attacks reaching fever pitch, the liberal elite in France have come up with a new solution – cover up who’s responsible!

Several French news organisations have said they will no longer publish photographs or publish the names of people responsible for terrorist killings. The reason given is to avoid bestowing “posthumous glorification” on the individuals involved.

This would have some validity, but unless the media replace publishing these vital details with clear identification of the religious and ethnic backgrounds of every single future killer, then it will be all too clear that the real reason is not an attempt to deny would-be terrorists the motivation of ‘fame’ in death. Rather, the aim will be to keep the public in the dark about who is to blame for the attacks.

In fact, of course, no-one will be fooled. The message that people will actually get from the liberal media is: “We think you are so stupid that you can’t work these things out for yourselves, so we’re going to treat you like mushrooms – keep you in the dark and feed you bullsh*t.”


The new tactic emerged when newspaper Le Monde published an editorial after the latest attack, the murder of an elderly priest in a church near Rouen by two men claiming allegiance to Islamic State. Under the headline “Resisting the strategy of hate”, Le Monde argued on Wednesday that all elements of society had to be involved in the struggle against terrorism, and that media organisations had a special role to play.

“The sites and newspapers that produce this information cannot excuse themselves from self-examination on several fronts. Since Isis terrorism first appeared, Le Monde has changed its practices several times,” the newspaper said.

It first chose not to republish images from Isis propaganda documents. Then, after the attack in Nice on 14 July, when a truck drove through crowds enjoying the Bastille Day public holiday, Le Monde said it had decided to “no longer publish photographs of the perpetrators of killings, to avoid the potential effect of posthumous glorification”.

Europe 1 radio said it would not reproduce photographs of perpetrators of terrorist killings on its website and would not broadcast their names. The France 24 television channel is also expected to announce that it will no longer show the pictures in its broadcasts.

The problem goes further than just covering up who is to blame. The policy would also deny people the right to find out just how much the growing terrorist offensive in Europe has to do with bad foreign policy and immigration decisions by their own governments.

Just take a look, for example, at these two pairs of photos:

two faces

Above: The Ansbach suicide bomb killer (right). “No links with terrorism” say the German authorities, yet here he is’ left’ when he was a ‘moderate rebel’ in Syria. Nice one. Angie!

terrorist refugee

Above: And here’s another one we’re all too likely to hear of again at some stage in the future. Left, doing what these people love to do in Syria. Right, in a Greek airport on his way to wherever he’s been ordered to attack.

When he does so, how can it be right that the public are prevented from seeing this clear evidence of catastrophic misjudgments by the ruling elite in encouraging terrorism in Syria and then letting such monsters head to Europe, the USA and Canada? Such an attempt will only enrage the public still further. This has to stop: Tell us the truth, and take effective action against the terrorists and their Saudi backers. Nothing else will do!

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