Another very successful APF event – on another vital and very topical subject!

by / Tuesday, 22 November 2016 / Published in News

“United against Immigration and Terrorism” was the theme of the latest international conference held by the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. On November the 12th nearly 400 participants attended this excellent event in Rome.

Ably chaired by Angelo Balletta, the event was held in the conference centre of a very smart hotel and was run with the usual quiet efficiency delivered by Angelo and his comrades.

APF General Secretary Stefan Jacobsson was the first speaker. His wide-ranging talk set the scene for a conference noted for the upbeat confidence of all present. Recent developments, ranging from the election of Donald Trump through to victories for anti-Nato parties in central and eastern Europe, show the tide of history now flowing rapidly against the liberalism which has brought the European Union to the brink of destruction through mass immigration, terrorism and the threat of war. Resolving these crises is essential if the peoples of Europe are to preserve and enjoy the fundamental European values to which we are all committed.

In a packed afternoon of top quality presentations, APF Vice-President Nick Griffin gave a bone-chilling insight into the terrifying reality of the demographic collapse now under way throughout Europe, but tempered the message by explaining how it will inevitably end with the survival and victory of the true spirit of Europe.

Representing the APF’s close connections with Syria, Lahoud Lahdo delighted the audience when he told them that, while the fighting will of course continue for some time, the end result of the Islamist and New World Order assault on Syria is no longer in doubt: “The war is won”, he told us, after detailing the immense heroism of the ordinary Syrian people and soldiers whose courage, sacrifice and well-formed nationalism have made it possible.

Mr Lahdo explained how the crisis imposed on Syria has to be resolved in order to help the European Union deal with its own refugee and migration crisis.

The audience were delighted to hear from Martin Belusky, Vice-Chairman of our increasingly successful partner “People´s Party – Our Slovakia” and one of its 12 Members of Parliament. Dr. Belusky gave a very informative PowerPoint lecture explaining how the party has grown so rapidly and its even greater potential for the future as it helps to put right the ‘democratic deficit’ that presents such a dangerous problem in so many EU member states.

A very enthusiastic reception was also given to the speech of German Member of the European Parliament, Udo Voigt, who examined the subject of “The Enemies of Europe” in detail. He also explained the importance of pan-European co-operation through European-level political parties such as the APF.

The final speaker of the day was Roberto Fiore, popular and dynamic President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. He reviewed the work that the APF is doing to bring nationalists together at a European level and brought the formal business of the conference to a rousing conclusion.

After a break, during which the speakers were interviewed by several nationalistically-inclined TV and radio outlets, everyone went on to enjoy a top quality buffet banquet and the pleasure of networking and making and renewing friendships. As some retired to bed, others moved on to the heart of Rome, where a two-piece folk-rock band put on a very enjoyable concert in a sympathetic local restaurant-bar.

The APF conference in Rome sent a signal to Europe and the whole world: We are part of a change and of a rising new force. After Brexit and the trend-setting election of Donald Trump in the USA , real political change in Europe is not just overdu, it is on its way!