Report from the Freedom Congress in Germany

by / Thursday, 03 November 2016 / Published in APF, ETN, Europe

A superb conference – one of the very best I’ve ever attended”. This was the high praise for a major congress organised by the APF’s allied Foundation, Europa Terra Nostra, in north Germany over the weekend of 21 – 23 October. The Freedom Congress (Freiheitlicher Kongress) featured speakers from Europe, USA and the Middle East. The theme for the congress was “Reconquista or Doom”, as it focussed on the challenges facing Europe and the West.

An impressive line-up of speakers that converged during the weekend to give their views on the perils that face us, but also to discuss the way forward. Many times, we nationalist are good at presenting the problems, but not as good to give examples of possible solutions. Not so this time though.

Friday: Opening of the congress and photo exhibition

Mr. Dan Eriksson, Chairman of Europa Terra Nostra opened the Congress on Friday evening and welcomed the guests. Mr. Eriksson then turned the floor over to Mr. Udo Voigt, former party leader of National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) and current member of the European Parliament.

Mr. Voigt introduced his banned photo exhibition from his visits to Syria, “Syria’s Heritage – Cradle of Civilization”, The exhibition was meant to be displayed in the European Parliament but was censored by European Parliament President Mr. Martin Schulz just days before the opening. Mr. Voigt then presented a travel report from Syria, accompanied by a slideshow of hundreds of pictures from the war-torn country.

Guests who saw the exhibition posters were deeply shocked to learn that such inoffensive an innately uncontroversial pictures should be banned, simply because they do not fit the official liberal narrative about Syria.

After dinner, Mr. Frank Rennicke, the well-known and very appreciated troubadour, picked up his guitar and sang, together with the guests, traditional songs from different regions of Germany.

Saturday: Speeches, lectures and music

On the Saturday, Mr. Dan Eriksson once again took to the lectern and opened the Congress with an explanation of the work of Europa Terra Nostra and its plans for the future. He then introduced the invited speakers of the day:

– Mr. Nick Griffin (Great Britain), vice chairman of Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF).

Speaking on the subject of the ‘Enemies of Europe’ Mr. Griffin immediately caught the attention of the audience by saying that some of them were actually in the room! He went on to explain that, while nationalists speaking of ‘demographics’ are invariably referring to the high birthrate of immigrants, the biggest problem Europe faces is the catastrophically low birthrate of indigenous Europeans.

– Mr. Udo Voigt (Germany), National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), MEP.

The theme of Mr. Voigt’s speech was ‘Who are the enemies of Europe?’ Slamming the different powerful forces which seen hell-bent on the destruction of the peoples and nations of Europe, he pointed out that we must always remember the difference between the Europe of the European Union, and the Europe that we as nationalists envision.

– Mr. Daniel Friberg (Sweden), co-founder of Arktos Media Ltd. and author of best selling book The Real Right Returns.

The time of left-wing politics and cultural Marxism is up and now we see the rise of the real Right. This is the message of Mr. Friberg and something he emphasised during his speech. Europa Terra Nostra was especially happy to have Mr. Friberg as a leading guest since Europa Terra Nostra on the same day published a special edition of his deservedly best-selling book “The Return of the Real Right” in German.

– Dr. Milan Uhrik (Slovakia), MP and vice party leader of Kotleba – People’s Party Our Slovakia (L`SNS).

What was behind the success of the L`SNS in the latest election? What is the party doing to grow so rapidly? Dr. Uhrik spoke on this subject, saying he hoped that the good example of Slovakia will help other nationalists achieve successes of their own.

After all the speeches, all present enjoyed a very good dinner before settling down to an evening of entertainment. This began with a stand-up comedy routine, which earned many laughs with its hard-hitting blows against the pc-Establishment

Then it was the turn again of Frank Rennicke, who brought his two guitars on stage and with his combination of powerful lyrics, emotional songs, humour and political analysis motivated and entertained the crowd for the rest of the evening.

Sunday: Words from the West and Middle East

Where the day before gave us voices from Europe, the Congress now broadened our perspectives. Before the speakers of the day began, we received short greetings from William Johnson (USA), chairman of the American Freedom Party; Thorsten Thomsen (Germany), chairman of the Institute for Homeland and National Identity; Peter Schriber (Germany), chief editor of the newspaper Deutsche Stimme and Arne Shimmer (Germany), chief editor of the magazine Gegenlicht.

– Prof. Kevin MacDonald (USA), retired professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and best-selling author.

What is happening in the US and how is it affecting Europe? This was the core of Prof. MacDonald’s speech:’ European identity and the populist revolt in the USA and Europe: Bringing down the hostile elites’. Professor McDonald displayed the erudition and intellectual courage that has made him one of the most influential ‘rightist’ thinkers of recent decades.

– Dr. Tomislav Sunic (Croatia/USA), former professor, former diplomat for the Croatian government, writer and bestselling author.

White nationalism, people, folk… In his lecture; ‘European or folkish identity? – Scattered regionalism, USA and Europe in a foreign infiltrated world’, Dr. Sunic explored who we are and what identities to cling to in these perilous times. Dr. Sunic is another genuine intellectual whose incisive analysis is always exactly on target.

– Hassan Sakr (Lebanon), Head of Foreign Affairs at the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP).

‘Why is Syria the battleground today and why? What could be the future of Syria and the region?’ Mr. Hassan Sakr ‘s powerful and inspiring lecture provided an inside view and voice on the crisis artificially created by Washington and its allies. He also dealt with the “refugee crises” and why the leaders of the so-called New World Order want it.

In a ‘first’ for such a nationalist event, the entire congress was livestreamed on Europa Terra Nostra’s Youtube-channel, so an additional 750 people worldwide, in total, followed the Congress online live as it happened. This is something that ETN plans to continue to offer in the future.

All in all it was a great Congress and all who attended went away with new insights, new knowledge and new hope for the future.