“A new beginning for the German party NPD!”

by / Wednesday, 18 January 2017 / Published in Europe

The German Federal Constitutional Court refuses to ban the NPD for the second time

The German Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe yesterday refused, for the second time, to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). The NPD, the oldest nationalist party in Germany, is thus still legally capable of acting – and is now also freed from the threat of prohibition.

NPD-Member of the European Parliament Udo Voigt, formerly NPD-chairman and invited as an expert in the now completed procedure, sees in the decision in Karlsruhe a political landmark: “From now on, we can move on and dedicate ourselves again to our political work”, explained Voigt. “With the verdict now passed, it is official: the NPD is doing nothing forbidden, it’s struggle for German interests is a legal and legitimate part of the political will building in Germany. We must now emphasize our distinctive features and sharpen our profile as the only real opposition party in Germany. ”

The judges in Karlsruhe tried to construct in their 298 pages an “hostility against the Constitution” by the NPD, sometimes with considerable internal contradictions, especially by reinterpreting the notion of ‘the people’. They now try to extend the legal notion of ‘the people’, in an unlawfully way, to all persons living in Germany. In this way, yesterday’s verdict is a further attempt to criminalize and discriminate any kind of opposition against the open borders-policy in Berlin.

Udo Voigt: “More than ever, the NPD is today the only political force in Germany that is fully committed to enable the German people to live and survive in their own country. This mission will now shape our work even more. It would be best for the government, that has now failed a second time to ban the NPD, to finally devote their time and money to an effective fight against Islamic terror instead of a party that does not pose a threat. ”

Straßburg, 18.01.2017