Liberals lash out as their world falls apart – 14 patriots face jail for noisy but peaceful demonstration [video]

by / Saturday, 28 January 2017 / Published in APF, liberalism

The failing liberal regimes of Western Europe are becoming more and more repressive and intolerant as they see their stale old ideas lose appeal and power. The latest example is in Spain, where 14 patriots have been sentenced to terms of up to three years in prison for a noisy but peaceful protest against the break-up of their own country.

The charges arise from a demonstration by members of APF member party Democracia National, led by the party’s Vice-President, against a masonic-separatist meeting advocating the break-up of Spain through separatism for Catalonia.

While the demonstration was rowdy, the footage confirms that there was absolutely no violence. The protesters pushed their way on to the stage, held up flags, chanted, and, having made their point, left peacefully. The nearest the event came to violence was when one of the separatists picked up a stool and threatened the protesters with it.

For this to end with sentences much tougher than those often handed out to violent muggers and burglars is an outrage against justice.

The persecution and outrageous sentences shows that the more the liberal elite lose ground, the more they lash out at the patriotic and traditionalist opposition. Nationalists and patriots therefore face increasing repression and have to work together across borders to help each other withstand the coming storm. The APF, as always, stands ready to help.

Freedom for the Blanquerna 14.

Defending your country is not a crime!

Stop the persecution of patriots.