Schulz’s Shame – fraud accusations against top socialist Europhile unreported by collapsing ‘mainstream’ UK media

by / Tuesday, 14 February 2017 / Published in In the European Parliament, News
A new scandal is set to engulf the EU and German political elites. Ingeborg Grässle, head of the Brussels Budget Control Committee, has announced proposals to open an investigation against the EU Parliament’s former President, Martin Schulz.
Socialist Schulz now risks seeing his candidacy against Angela Merkel undermined by the fraud case.
Among the revelations of the Sunday Times and Der Spiegel, it is reported that the former President of the European Parliament frequently used a private jet costing 20,000 euros an hour to travel between Brussels, Strasbourg and Berlin. This when – probably for tax reasons – his official place of work was the Belgian capital alone.
The former President of Parliament also asked his assistants to carry out tasks not included in their duties. One of them even resigned after being repeatedly forced to iron the extensive trousers of the ample Herr Schulz.
Far worse, socialist cronies were allegedly nominated for high-paid positions in the Parliament’s administration, without going through regular recruitment procedures. In addition, many of these left-wing appointees did not have the qualifications required for their positions.
In reaction to these revelations, Grässle stated that the former Speaker of Parliament had created a “Stalinist system of clientelism” and that it is necessary to open an investigation. “Schulz has shamelessly flouted the rules to satisfy his political ambition. I hope that these revelations will be investigated,” she said yesterday.
The story has not yet broken in the UK press. This is not due to an anti-EU bias, since the bulk of British newspapers are broadly anti-EU, as are the majority of their readers. The issue is rather that the mainstream media are in such drastic decline that they can no longer afford correspondents in Brussels, or even journalists who can watch foreign news outlets and spot important stories that need translating into English.
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