Dear friends, It’s only been two weeks since we launched our fundraiser to keep our Headquarters in Brussels. Since then we have raised approximately 2000 euro, so we are well on our way to reach the goal for the year, which is 15 000 euros. I’m very optimistic that we will reach our goal if

On the 9th of February representatives from Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) participated in a hearing in the European Parliament, that was held by European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee (AFCO). The APF was represented by it’s President, Roberto Fiore, Secretary General, Stefan Jacobsson, MEP Udo Voigt and the lawyer and legal representative Peter Richter.

Today the Alliance for Peace and Freedom published a new important book, Winds of Change – Notes for the Reconquista. It contains essays from a number of prominent nationalist leaders, such as: Udo Voigt (Germany), Nick Griffin (Great Britain), Irene Dimopoulou (Greece), Roberto Fiore (Italy) and Derek Holland (Great Britain). The introduction is written by

It has been a good year for the nationalistic opposition. As we start to summarize the year it is becoming clear for the first time in Europe the opposition has been able to coordinate its efforts, thanks to the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Next years’s new challenges are waiting and that is why I

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On the 17th of December the Alliance for Peace and Freedom will organize it’s annual congress in Brussels. The Congress is open for all members of APF and the principal points of the Congress is the election of the Executive Board and integration of new membership parties. In connection to the Congress there will be speeches from several APF

In connection with the Russian President Vladimir Putins visit in Berlin last week, MEP Udo Voigt handed over a personal statement to the Russian ambassador Vladimir Mikhaylovich Grinin. Udo Voigt, who also is a member of APF distant himself from the policies of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and expressed that he will continue to

Information meetings in Germany

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More and more people have started to get interested in the work of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Supporting- and Individual members are joining from all over Europe to create a movement that can unite patriots and nationalists to work together. Jens Pühse, board member of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, recently had

“Never has the institution of the family been put in such jeopardy as it is today. Wars, tyrannical rulers and the reducing of entire peoples into slavery, although never absent from history, have damaged or even destroyed individual families, but the institution itself had never been touched.”   Until now, when the cultural Marxists have

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Europe is under attack. Immigrants are pouring into the West. Terrorist threats and attacks are becoming the ‘new normal’ for the peoples of Europe. But there is also a growing resistance in Europe – nationalists and patriots – who are fighting for our civilization. The Alliance for Peace and Freedom have become one of the

A few days ago Tayip Erdogan and V.Netaniachou decided to fully normalize relations between Utkrey and Israel. The move ends their six-year conflict, which began in 2010 with the intervention of Israeli commandos on a Turkish boat that was heading to Gaza, which cost the lives of 10 Turkish Islamic so-called ‘humanitarian organization’ activists. The