Macron and the Saudis

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Will the Real Fake-Newsers Please Stand Up? Justifiable concern about ‘fake news’ is being used by mainstream media outlets to produce fake news. An example that has surfaced in France shows that this new brand of MSM dishonesty is being used to suppress some of the awkward questions that voters should be asking about front-runner

A new scandal is set to engulf the EU and German political elites. Ingeborg Grässle, head of the Brussels Budget Control Committee, has announced proposals to open an investigation against the EU Parliament’s former President, Martin Schulz.   Socialist Schulz now risks seeing his candidacy against Angela Merkel undermined by the fraud case.   Among

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On the 9th of February representatives from Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) participated in a hearing in the European Parliament, that was held by European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee (AFCO). The APF was represented by it’s President, Roberto Fiore, Secretary General, Stefan Jacobsson, MEP Udo Voigt and the lawyer and legal representative Peter Richter.

Today the Alliance for Peace and Freedom published a new important book, Winds of Change – Notes for the Reconquista. It contains essays from a number of prominent nationalist leaders, such as: Udo Voigt (Germany), Nick Griffin (Great Britain), Irene Dimopoulou (Greece), Roberto Fiore (Italy) and Derek Holland (Great Britain). The introduction is written by

“United against Immigration and Terrorism” was the theme of the latest international conference held by the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. On November the 12th nearly 400 participants attended this excellent event in Rome. Ably chaired by Angelo Balletta, the event was held in the conference centre of a very smart hotel and was run

On the 17th of December the Alliance for Peace and Freedom will organize it’s annual congress in Brussels. The Congress is open for all members of APF and the principal points of the Congress is the election of the Executive Board and integration of new membership parties. In connection to the Congress there will be speeches from several APF

“I met Michel Aoun, with the European delegation of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, a little over one year ago. The general is a real bastion of the free and Christian Lebanon”, is the comment of Roberto Fiore – President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom – few hours after the election of Maronite

For several years, ISIS’ online propaganda magazine has been called Dabiq. The magazine – a mixture of incitement to terrorism and Wahhabi preaching for borderline retards –  took its name from the town of Dabiq in north east Syria. An ancient Islamic prophesy picked the place out as the scene of a decisive battle between

Europe is under attack. Immigrants are pouring into the West. Terrorist threats and attacks are becoming the ‘new normal’ for the peoples of Europe. But there is also a growing resistance in Europe – nationalists and patriots – who are fighting for our civilization. The Alliance for Peace and Freedom have become one of the

War on Disinformation

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American “democratic” bombs bring destruction and chaos. Just look at the pictures – the web is full of them – to realize the destructive mission conducted by the US: Iraq, Libya, Yemen (where the Saudis are using weapons made in the US and its UK puppet to bomb civilians) and Syria. We will focus in

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