As German patriots face the start of the latest attempt by the Nato puppet regime to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), they should be buoyed up by the fact that they were supported by demonstrations all over Europe at the weekend. Here are the latest photos to arrive, showing the very successful

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On the 19th of March The Alliance for Peace and Freedom will organise an important conference together with Civitas on the topic “From the war in the Middle East to immigration and terrorism in Europe”. The conference will be held at the Grenelle Forum in Paris and will start at 14.00 and end at 18.00.

The APF sparked a firestorm of media controversy in Italy over the weekend with a pair of packed conferences on the war on terror in Syria. Saturday’s conference was held in a hotel in the centre of Venice, where a notable armed police presence testified to the very real fear of terrorist attacks generated by

Dear comrades, colleagues and sympathizers, The year draws to a close and Christmas approaches. The Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) has now been active for a year – and what a year it has been! With only limited resources we have accomplished more than we could have hoped for. The APF has organized two

“An act of state terrorism which could trigger a catastrophic World War.” This is how Roberto Fiore from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) condemned Turkey’s totally unprovoked shooting down of a Russian jet and culpability for the cowardly murder of Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov. “The Turkish attack is additionally criminal,” said APF President

PROGRAMME OF CAMPAIGNS BEGINS WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT Positive co-operation between European and Arab nationalists in a common struggle against ISIS and other Wahhabi extremists – and their backers. This is the outcome of the very successful visit of a delegation from the pan-European Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) to Lebanon and Syria between 3rd

EU meddling has helped bring full-scale war back to Europe! Nato-backed aggression by the Kiev junta is beaten back by ethnic Russian militia fighters. Meanwhile, in Western Europe, Islamist gangs become bolder by the day. As violence flares in Ukraine and on the streets of Western cities, Nick Griffin discusses what is really behind the

APF is participating in the big Danish political festival ”Folkemødet” which is being held on the island of Bornholm in June. Danskernes Parti ( :Party of the Danes) is hosting 3 events on the festival, one of which will be a panel discussion between members of the APF. Roberto Fiore (Forza Nuova, Italy), Georgios Epitideios

Our globalist enemies work together, so it’s vital that we in the National Resistance do the same! Every serious nationalist has known this for years, so we’re very happy to be able to bring you news of real progress towards building a powerful block of radical nationalists all over Europe. On the 4th of February

Here are the facts: 1) The USA and its Saudi and Qatari allies funnel weapons to Islamic State through Nato member Turkey; 2) The USA and its EU and UK puppets try to strangle the Syrian government/s efforts to fight the Islamist invasion; 3) USA ally Israel repeatedly bombs the Syrian army to aid the