Films and moving images are becoming more and more important in the fast-evolving technology of political persuasion. The plummeting costs of cameras and editing equipment has created opportunities for ‘alternative’ operations to do things which until recently were open only to the established big players. A number of nationalist groups are already using the new

What caused the people of Britain to vote to Leave? Most pundits have explained it as a grass-roots rebellion by the working class losers of globalisation, coupled with the votes of older people resentful about the way their country is almost unrecognisable from the land of their youth. But, of course, there is more to

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Sex slavers and organ traders are preying on thousands of refugee children who vanish in Europe. The scandal – which no liberal politician has dared to expose – has now been taken up by APF Member of the European Parliament, Udo Voigt. Udo has taken the shocking facts and used them to submit an official

More than 100.000 people participated last year in the 2015-edition of ”Folkemødet” (English: The People’s Meeting). The People’s Meeting is a big Danish political festival where all political parties in Denmark, several NGO’s and companies, participates in discussions and likewise. Last year it attracted big medial attention that the APF-members MEP Giorgios Epitideios (Golden Dawn,

The three-day visit of the Vice President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) and former MEP, Nick Griffin, who arrived to Prague at the invitation of the Chairman of the Workers‘ Party of Social Justice, Tomáš Vandas, showed that in today’s Europe all nationalists have a lot in common and have to solve

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In the latest crack down on online speech, Anonymous are in the sights of German police. A German branch of the group is now under investigation by authorities who say that either a supporter, or the operator of the group’s Facebook page, is wanted for “sedition” and public incitement of criminal acts, Spiegel Online reports. But the

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The 28th of May the Foundation Europa Terra Nostra (ETN) together with the Swedish podcast Motgift, organized a cultural and political event in Stockholm. More than 200 people attended the event and the participants could listen to live music and political speeches. Among the speakers was Stefan Jacobsson, Secretary General of the Alliance for Peace

Following on from our earlier in-depth report, here are some more photos that give a glimpse of the APF’s recent new visit to Syria. Our visit to Maalula – ancient Christian town liberated from Daesh by the Syrian Arab Army   In Damascus, while the threat of random shelling of civilian areas by ‘moderate’ rebels

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Member of APF, MP Valerijus Simulik, recently visited the book market in Birzai city during Lithuanian Information Campaign. From the right to left – Mayor of Birzai – Valdemaras Valkiunas, Normunds Grostins – Chairman of the Board at Latvian Institute of Future research, Edzus Apeltins – member of the Board at Latvian Institute of Future

We returned from Syria just one week ago. I first have to acknowledge the invaluable presence in our strong delegation of two prestigious MEPs, Voigt and Synadinos, experienced leading APF member Herve van Laethem and a Syrian national Lahoud. The welcome we received from the authorities was genuinely warm and not just normal diplomatic pleasantries. The

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