On July 23 2016, pro-life representatives from various countries will hold an international March for Life in Budapest. The parade will begin  to the sound of the noontide Angelus bells that commemorate the 1456 victory of Christian Europe over a Muslim invasion force at Nándorfehérvár (Belgrade). The march will start in the square named after

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The people of Britain are about to become the next victims of the ‘Coloured Revolution’ tactics used by Washington and Brussels against democratically elected governments from Serbia to Syria, from Ukraine to Brazil. Within a few days of the British electorate’s totally unforeseen grass-roots decision to defy Establishment bullying and waves of MSM propaganda to

The British Lion has roared! To be more accurate, the English and Welsh have chosen freedom. The echoes of that choice will be heard all over Europe in the next few years and will bring the tyranny of Strasbourg’s blasphemous new Tower of Babel crashing to the ground! So I’m delighted to say that I

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Every single commentator is saying that the result of the Brexit vote is “too close to call”. This in itself, however, tells us several things. The first is that, without the murder of MP Jo Cox and its ruthless exploitation by the Remain camp and its allies in the media, a comfortable majority of Brits

Three major clothing lines based in Sweden and Norway are selling products that contain toxic chemicals, reports NewsinEnglish.no. KappAhl and H&M, both Sweden-based clothing chains, and Cubus, a Norway-based company, were caught selling articles of clothing in which one out of three contained DBP or DEHP. Dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, is a commonly used plasticiser that

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Britain’s vote on Europe looks set to go down in history as the ‘Stolen Referendum’. As the Remain campaign’s ruthless exploitation of the appalling murder of MP Jo Cox continues, big business, banks and other Remain enthusiasts are increasingly confident of coming out on top in Thursday’s historic poll. Yet such a victory will have

There is a quiet but growing anger in Britain over the way in which the pro-EU political and media elite are exploiting the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox by a lone gunman. While only some have so far stooped to the depths of the Daily Star, a number of Labour MPs and left-wing journalists

If you were in favour of British membership of the EU, scared of losing the popular vote, and willing to cheat to avoid that, how would you do it? The easiest way of all is to ‘nobble’ the postal votes. Surely no-one would do that? If you think so, just look who’s doing the counting!

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With just over a week to go until Britain’s historic EU referendum, the sense of panic among the Europhile elite is palpable. When David Cameron called the contest, a ‘Remain’ vote looked inevitable, and the pro-Brussels camp led in all the early opinion polls. But as minds are made up, the balance has shifted dramatically

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A Czech television station has come under fire from liberal media outlets after details emerged of an editorial meeting in which journalists were told to report negatively on the migrant crisis or find employment elsewhere. ‘Strangely’, those complaining about this have never had any worries over the relentless efforts by Western news outlets such as