Things are going from bad to worse in France. While more and more mainly elderly French voters turn to the Front National in the forlorn hope that Marine Le Pen will not only be allowed to get to power but will actually do anything worthwhile once there, the streets of Paris are dominated by mobs

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Vote “No” campaigners for Britain‘s EU Referendum are rightly making the point that to stay in the EU is likely to mean 80 million Turks having the right to live, work and sign on in the UK by 2020. But the reality is even worse than that. Because the real figure will be over 140

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Last Saturday, on the 19th of March the Alliance for Peace and Freedom organized a conference in Paris together with the Institute Civitas on the topic “From the war in the Middle East to immigration and terrorism in Europe”. The conference were held at the Grenelle Forum in Paris and more then 350 people participated

The international patriotic party Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) is happy to announce that it has recently welcomed the Flemish movement “Vlaanderen Identitair” ( “Flanders and Identity”) as its partner in Flanders, the northern and Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The APF has greeted the declaration by VLI that it does not want to found

  The Slovakian APF-partner, The People‘s Party Our Slovakia (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensk), led by Marian Kotleba had huge success in last weekend’s national election in Slovakia. When the votes were counted it was clear that they have gained 8.6 percent and therefore got 14 seats in the national parliament. People’s Party Our Slovakia was

On the 1st of March the trials start in Germany were they are will attempt to ban the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD). Despite that the NPD does nothing illegal, participates in the political life in Germany and Europe, and have regally stated that it has no intention to operate outside of the law or the

Demonstrators against the attempt to ban the NPD outside the European Parliament in Brussels today. Great to see French- and Flemish-speaking comrades standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight against liberal totalitarianism. The Flemish are very familiar with the intolerance of the liberal elite; the Vlaams Blok was the largest single party in Belgium when it was

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Monday sees the start of the latest move by the “democratic” German state to outlaw the NPD for the “crime” of providing a consistent, principled and scrupulously legal alternative to the American puppet regime that has brought Germany to the verge of destruction. All over Europe, groups of nationalists have mobilised to hold symbolic demonstrations

The winter isn’t yet even over, but already the Muslim migrant flood into Europe is speeding up again. And, unlike last year, the invaders are refusing to be stopped by fences. Just as they’ve taken to storming the flimsy defences around the port at Calais, so too in Hungary even the serious razor wire fence

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On the 19th of March The Alliance for Peace and Freedom will organise an important conference together with Civitas on the topic “From the war in the Middle East to immigration and terrorism in Europe”. The conference will be held at the Grenelle Forum in Paris and will start at 14.00 and end at 18.00.