The good people of Barcelona have paid a heavy price for their regional government’s cynical encouragement of mass immigration from the Magreb as a weapon to try to build an electoral majority for their left-wing separatist agenda. “Import Muslims, Import Terror Cells!” That’s the stark reality, and the separatists in the north east of Spain

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For several years, ISIS’ online propaganda magazine has been called Dabiq. The magazine – a mixture of incitement to terrorism and Wahhabi preaching for borderline retards –  took its name from the town of Dabiq in north east Syria. An ancient Islamic prophesy picked the place out as the scene of a decisive battle between

The terrorist who murdered 84 innocent men, women and children in Nice was an activist with the far-left ‘No Borders’ organisation. The shocking revelation was made by Giovanni Toti, governor of Liguria after Italian police confirmed that Mohamed Bouhel had been seen with the thuggish left-wing militants during border clashes in the town of Ventimiglia last year. Police are

With public anger over Islamist terror attacks reaching fever pitch, the liberal elite in France have come up with a new solution – cover up who’s responsible! Several French news organisations have said they will no longer publish photographs or publish the names of people responsible for terrorist killings. The reason given is to avoid

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Five ISIS training camps embedded like poisonous leeches in the underbelly of Europe. And one of them is within walking distance of the largest American military base outside of the USA. The place? Kosovo. And this deadly dangerous scandal is yet another example of how aggressive American and EU foreign policy adventures have played a

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If we are really “at war with ISIS”, as President Hollande has said yet again in the wake of the ghastly Jihadist murder in St Etienne, then it’s about time that France – and indeed every Western nation – starts fighting it to win! What would a real “war” involve? Twelve serious measures, without which

The Wurzburg train Islamist axe attacker was caught on the Hungarian border by police last year, but EU rules forced the Hungarian government to send him to a centre for ‘unaccompanied children’ from which he absconded and moved on to Germany. Once there, he was welcomed by leftists organised with local taxpayers’ money. The mainstream

The ghastly Bastille Day Massacre in Nice is in all the headlines. Our initial thoughts are, of course, with the innocent victims.  Anger against the terrorists is, naturally, the next most widely felt emotion. Anger against the ideology that drives them follows swiftly on. And that‘s where the West‘s ruling elite and their controlled media

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It’s happened again. The appalling massacre in Orlando has led to a mass media frenzy to demonise, stereotype and isolate some of the most vulnerable people in our society – the mentally ill. We see it every time that a fanatical Islamist goes on a killing spree; rather than put the blame where it belongs

Angry Birds the Movie review

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We here at the APF don’t normally do film reviews, let alone ones of “children’s movies”, but the new Angry Birds offering is no normal film, so here’s a short video review which sums the whole thing up very well. The arrival of the pig villains – who are unmistakably Islamist – quickly flags up

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