On the 17th of December the Alliance for Peace and Freedom will organize it’s annual congress in Brussels. The Congress is open for all members of APF and the principal points of the Congress is the election of the Executive Board and integration of new membership parties. In connection to the Congress there will be speeches from several APF

Another day, another act of brutal Islamist terror, this time in Brussels. All our initial thoughts are, of course, with the innocent victims. If any sick terrorist sympathiser seeks to claim that the dead and injured at the Maalbeek Metro will have been politicians, remember that the MEPs and ruling bureaucrats in the nearby Parliament

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Demonstrators against the attempt to ban the NPD outside the European Parliament in Brussels today. Great to see French- and Flemish-speaking comrades standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the fight against liberal totalitarianism. The Flemish are very familiar with the intolerance of the liberal elite; the Vlaams Blok was the largest single party in Belgium when it was

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