While the war against NATO-backed terrorists still rages in Syria, most of the visible scars of Nato’s criminal bombing of Serbia have now healed in the capital Belgrade. But the memories of the many innocent victims of NATO missiles and of the Islamist death squads of Albanians and Arab Jihadis in Kosovo are still raw.

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Last week was a good one for Serbian nationalists, with major electoral success and the establishment of firm and friendly links with the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. The electoral success came in the country’s parliamentary elections, which saw the patriotic Serbian Radical Party double its share of the vote to 8.4%. The SRP was

Imagine your nation, your Christian nation, having its ancient heartland torn out and presented on a plate to gangs of Islamist cut-throats. Now imagine that the people to blame for this outrage are still in high office in Washington, London and Brussels. Now stop imagining, because it‘s true! Kosovo was the historical birthplace of the

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Back in February, the former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton said “there’s a special place in hell” for women who do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Madeleine Albright made the remark during a campaign stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Last Thursday marked the 17th anniversary of NATO’s illegal bombing of the Federal Republic of