From the very start of the CIA-created ‘Arab Spring’ and the first Islamist attacks on Syria’s police force, the globalists’ war on Syria was fought in the world’s media as well as in the shattered streets and blood-stained deserts of the latest victim of ‘Western’ imperialist aggression. While the mainstream media deluged viewers and readers

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War on Disinformation

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 by

American “democratic” bombs bring destruction and chaos. Just look at the pictures – the web is full of them – to realize the destructive mission conducted by the US: Iraq, Libya, Yemen (where the Saudis are using weapons made in the US and its UK puppet to bomb civilians) and Syria. We will focus in

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With public anger over Islamist terror attacks reaching fever pitch, the liberal elite in France have come up with a new solution – cover up who’s responsible! Several French news organisations have said they will no longer publish photographs or publish the names of people responsible for terrorist killings. The reason given is to avoid

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The ghastly Bastille Day Massacre in Nice is in all the headlines. Our initial thoughts are, of course, with the innocent victims.  Anger against the terrorists is, naturally, the next most widely felt emotion. Anger against the ideology that drives them follows swiftly on. And that‘s where the West‘s ruling elite and their controlled media

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Following on from our earlier in-depth report, here are some more photos that give a glimpse of the APF’s recent new visit to Syria. Our visit to Maalula – ancient Christian town liberated from Daesh by the Syrian Arab Army   In Damascus, while the threat of random shelling of civilian areas by ‘moderate’ rebels

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We returned from Syria just one week ago. I first have to acknowledge the invaluable presence in our strong delegation of two prestigious MEPs, Voigt and Synadinos, experienced leading APF member Herve van Laethem and a Syrian national Lahoud. The welcome we received from the authorities was genuinely warm and not just normal diplomatic pleasantries. The

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As ‘rebel’ forces struggle desperately to prevent the liberation of the whole of Aleppo, there has to be a real danger that action will be taken to try give the ‘hawks’ in the USA and EU an excuse to argue for Western military action to prevent such a massive victory for the Syrian government. This

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In the long Western mass media propaganda war against Syria, the so-called “White Helmets” have played an important role in the campaign to demonise Syrian government forces. The ‘good guys’ in white hats have kept turning up to provide ‘evidence’ of atrocities against ‘moderate rebels’ and helpless civilians alike. But the reality is VERY different

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APF-delegation in Syria

Monday, 25 April 2016 by

Currently a delegation from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom is in Damascus, Syria and on Sunday the 24th of April the delegation meet with the Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammed Jihad al-Laham. The delegation was led by APF President Roberto Fiore, and he was accompanied by MEP Udo Voigt, MEP Eleftherios Synadinos and

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As the Syrian Army wipes out the ISIS head-cutters trapped in Palmyra, watch the reaction of Mark Toner, State Department Deputy Spokesperson (and, in this case, that PC “-person” drivel is fair enough) as he‘s asked how the Obama regime feels about it. What sort of regime is it whose “spokespersons” find it hard to