With public anger over Islamist terror attacks reaching fever pitch, the liberal elite in France have come up with a new solution – cover up who’s responsible! Several French news organisations have said they will no longer publish photographs or publish the names of people responsible for terrorist killings. The reason given is to avoid

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If we are really “at war with ISIS”, as President Hollande has said yet again in the wake of the ghastly Jihadist murder in St Etienne, then it’s about time that France – and indeed every Western nation – starts fighting it to win! What would a real “war” involve? Twelve serious measures, without which

Last in our week-long serialisation of this in-depth study on the origins of ISIS and Al Qaeda. So now you know! Please Share this series and spread the word!  

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Part 5 of this important series. First class documentary made by our friends in Syria. Last part tomorrow. Don‘t miss it!  

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