George Soros has his fingers in many pies, most of them made with the money he has gained from decades of speculation on the parasitic financial markets. From the ‘refugee’ flooding of Europe to the funding of ‘coloured revolutions’, from the Arab Spring to the coup and civil war in Ukraine, to Black Lives Matter

Just when you thought the Eurovision Song Contest couldn’t sink any lower, last night saw the most blatantly political decision ever, with the decision to award first place to a singer from the EU’s neo-Nazi puppet state Ukraine, rather than to the Russian favourite. To add to the indecency, the Ukrainian entry featured an extremely

One of the main factors in the massive popular vote in Holland against the EU‘s proposed deal with Ukraine was concern over the plan to grant over 40 million Ukrainians the right to travel to the EU without visas. With Brussels and the Dutch government set to ignore the will of the people and to

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Just because Turkey has accepted a 6Billion Euro bribe to “stop” the flow of migrants to Europe that it unleashed last year, doesn‘t mean that the flood will stop. Because that protection racket only extends to the Turkish-Greek border. Already, the devious, greedy, anti-Christian Erdogan regime is organising the next stage of the operation to

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