Together for a Europe of Free Nations – The Alliance for Peace and Freedom moves forward in Brussels

Our globalist enemies work together, so it’s vital that we in the National Resistance do the same! Every serious nationalist has known this for years, so we’re very happy to be able to bring you news of real progress towards building a powerful block of radical nationalists all over Europe.

On the 4th of February 2015 a new party, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), founded on a pan-European basis and involving delegates and elected politicians from several European countries, was formally and publicly launched at the European Parliament in Brussels.

After being quietly founded in September 2014 and after several months of spadework (preparatory work), two dozen representatives of national opposition parties met to elect a (new) Board and to adopt the Statutes.

The meeting was chaired by Nick Griffin, a key nationalist figure in Britain for forty years and a former Member of the European Parliament.

The most important business of the day was the election of the Board. Italian Roberto Fiore (Forza Nuova; Italy) was unanimously voted as President (Chairman), and Jens Pühse, foreign relations officer of the German NPD, as the Secretary-General.

The (Executive) board of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) consists of the following parties and persons:

Roberto Fiore (President/Chairman), Forza Nuova, Italy;

Artemis Mattheopoulos (Deputy Chairman), Golden Dawn Member of the Greek National Parliament;

Jens Pühse (Secretary-General), Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD), Germany;

Stefan Jacobsson, Svenskarnars Parti, Sweden;

Gonzalo Martin Garcia, Democracia Nacional, Spain;

Herve van Laethem, Nation, Belgium;

Daniel Carlsen, Danskernes Parti, Denmark;

Olivier Wyssa, Lawyer and Member of the Rhone-Alpes Regional Parliament, France.

We also welcomed our guest Kris Roman from EuroRus, which rendered outstanding services in the last years with different initiatives to deepen the relations to Russia.

The APF currently includes among its close associates four Members of the European Parliament, who were elected from Germany and Greece. Furthermore, it has the support of Regional Parliamentarians in six more European countries.

The foundation meeting went on to discuss and agree on a Political Action Plan for the next months. A number of combined activities were agreed, with the emphasis on the deepening of relations with Russia, a diplomatic mission to Syria and Europe-wide rallies against the backers of Islamist terrorism, which also threatens the very existence of Europe.

During a press conference afterwards the newly elected Board and the three Greek European Members Eptideios, Synadinos and Fountoulis from the Greek Golden Dawn discussed the continued repression of their party in Greece, where the party leader and other functionaries of Golden Dawn are still under arrest without trial.

The APF is determined to make working to defend the nationalist victims of political repression wherever the problem arises.