Grand opening of the Georgios and Manos Centre in Brussels

by / Monday, 25 April 2016 / Published in APF, Europe

On the 19th of April the Georgios and Manos Centre was officially opened. The headquarter is located just a few hundred yards from the European Parliament and will be used for meetings, conferences, education and such things.

It is named in remembrance of Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis, the two Greek Golden Dawn members who was brutally murdered in November 2013, outside of a Golden Dawn office in Athens.

The opening of the Georgios and Manos Centre was featured speeches from President Roberto Fiore, Golden Dawn MEP Georgios Epitideios and Vice-President Nick Griffin. Around 30 specially invited guest participated in the inauguration.

“Just to be here is a victory”, said one of the guests, a Belgian patriot of well over 70 years, “to hear of such progress and to learn of the plans for the time ahead was something even better. Thanks to all who have made it possible, and greetings to all who join and so help us take the next steps forward”.


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