Inspirational! APF on Jean D’Arc parade in Paris

by / Tuesday, 10 May 2016 / Published in APF

The annual Jean D’Arc Commemoration Day in Paris is the highlight of the year for French nationalists. Last weekend, the celebrations were joined by a delegation of leading figures and activists from the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, who traveled from Britain, Spain, Belgium, Greece and Germany to join our French comrades.


Les Caryatides are an organisation of female nationalist activists. The evening before they laid on an excellent banquet, plus top quality singing, at the end of a well-attended conference on ‘Nationalists Against the Immigration Invasion’.


Activists from the legal defence and prisoners’ welfare organisation.


CLAN also joined the very well organised parade. Severe repression by the ‘liberal’ French state is making their work more and more important.


Statue of Jean D’Arc with Golden Dawn flag in foreground. Among the various speakers at the commemoration, Golden Dawn’s Irene Dimopouou-Pappa, director of the party’s newspaper, got one of the very best receptions for a great speech well-delivered in French.

jean gd


Beautiful wreath laid by our PNF comrades during the ceremony, which was followed by speeches from leading French nationalists and the APF’s Nick Griffin and Herve van Laetham

“I have been to hundreds of nationalist events in my career, and I have to say that this was the best choreographed, best disciplined and most ordered one I have ever witnessed. Full marks to the organisers and all involved!” – Nick Griffin, Vice-President, APF 

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