Serbians commemorate massacres by Nato and its Islamist allies

by / Wednesday, 04 May 2016 / Published in APF, Europe, video

While the war against NATO-backed terrorists still rages in Syria, most of the visible scars of Nato’s criminal bombing of Serbia have now healed in the capital Belgrade. But the memories of the many innocent victims of NATO missiles and of the Islamist death squads of Albanians and Arab Jihadis in Kosovo are still raw.

Those EU politicians who like to congratulate themselves on their support for ‘human rights’ should be asked why they are so selective as to forget completely the rights of the Serbs!


APF Vice-President Nick Griffin at a conference organised by the National Serbian Front. Mr Griffin took the photos beneath in the heart of Belgrade last week. Below them, a useful RT report on the recent anti-Nato demonstrations in Belgrade.


long shot

The banners carry the faces and names of all the victims of Nato and Islamist war crimes. These include not only soldiers but also journalists murdered when Nato bombed the Serbian TV station and building workers abducted and slaughtered by the terrorists of the Kosovo Liberation Army.




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