‘White Helmets’ propaganda stunt exposed

by / Tuesday, 03 May 2016 / Published in APF, video

In the long Western mass media propaganda war against Syria, the so-called “White Helmets” have played an important role in the campaign to demonise Syrian government forces. The ‘good guys’ in white hats have kept turning up to provide ‘evidence’ of atrocities against ‘moderate rebels’ and helpless civilians alike. But the reality is VERY different – as the hard-hitting short documentary video below very clearly shows.

The White Helmets claim to be impartial, independent and unarmed, but the truth is that they are none of these things. Their record in forging photos of alleged barrel-bombings, their proven funding by Western intelligence agencies hell-bent on ‘regime change’ and videos showing them carrying AK-47s and celebrating Al Qaeda victories speaks for itself.

The White Helmets stand exposed as nothing more than a front organisation for the CIA, MI6 and George Soros, and as the allies of Al Qaeda/Al Nusra. This is why they have gone into overdrive with their effort to use propaganda lies to try to stop the final Syrian Army push to liberate the parts of Aleppo that are still in the hands of the Al Nusra terrorists.

Yet, despite all this, the latest propaganda stunt in the Western media is to nominate this gang of terror apologists for the Nobel Peace Prize! Outraged supporters of truth have responded by launching a counter-petition to this outrageous proposal.

We encourage all our readers to sign it straight away, and we ask you also to promote this report on social media and help counter this blatant propaganda effort:



APF – different from all the rest

When we in the Alliance for Peace and Freedom write and speak about events in Syria, we do so not as distant politicians recycling mainstream media lies, but as people who have put our personal safety on the line by travelling – at our own expense – to that war-torn country in order to see and judge for ourselves what is really going on.

While all the other political groupings in the European Parliament preach and pontificate about Syria from the safety of their offices in Brussels and Strasbourg, we’ve been repeatedly to the war zones that ring Damascus; we’ve interviewed army officers, doctors, the mothers of murdered soldiers, civilians, and rebel Jihadis from nearly a dozen different countries. We’ve driven across the desert with armed guards, and we’ve walked through the old souk of Damascus without any guards at all. We’ve seen the horror of the war in Syria up close and personal.

So, unlike the others, we know what we’re talking about, because we’ve been there!




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