Lebanon, Michel Aoun elected president; Fiore: “Great hope for the entire Middle East”

by / Monday, 31 October 2016 / Published in APF, News

I met Michel Aoun, with the European delegation of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, a little over one year ago. The general is a real bastion of the free and Christian Lebanon”, is the comment of Roberto Fiore – President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom¬†– few hours after the election of Maronite Christian Aoun as President of Lebanon, following two years of political impasse.

“The general, allied with Hezbollah, embodies the traditional vision of Lebanon with a Christian traction, respected by other religious denominations present in the area, antagonist of Israel, anti-American, and near to Europe for his cultural background. A wise man – continues Fiore – that has been able to put aside the past aiming to a political and military alliance with Syria of Bashar Al-Assad since 2008. Thanks to this providential election – said Fiore – another piece of American policy in Middle East is failing, since US are interested in a Lebanon torn by fratricidal and inter-confessional struggle. Thus Syria has strengthened its alliances in the area, while nationalists and European peoples have a one more nation to look at with a great confidence.