War on Disinformation

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American “democratic” bombs bring destruction and chaos. Just look at the pictures – the web is full of them – to realize the destructive mission conducted by the US: Iraq, Libya, Yemen (where the Saudis are using weapons made in the US and its UK puppet to bomb civilians) and Syria. We will focus in particular on this nation to expose the lies of the American establishment, supported and conveyed by the Western mainstream media, real accomplices to the humanitarian catastrophe afflicting the Middle Eastern country.

Syria is in a civil war”
False! Tens of thousands of fighters of different nationalities – more than ninety at the last count – have invaded Syria and are fighting to overthrow the legitimate government of Assad, who enjoys the support of the vast majority of the Syrian people.

The Damascus metropolitan area is now populated by about nine million people – a staggering increase since 2009, when its population was less than two million. The increase are displaced people who have sought refuge in the capital to escape the violence of the conflict. If Assad, then, was so hated by the population – as per the lies by the Western media – he would be easily deposed by such a mass of humanity that today lives in Damascus. What is happening in Syria is not a “civil war” (a war that is internal between the same people), but rather a conflict between foreign rebel groups (Islamists) supported by foreign powers (Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA among many others) and the Syrian army.

The Russians are butchering civilians”
Military intervention by Russia against the Islamists is legitimate, despite claims by the Western media. It’s legitimate because it has been explicitly requested by the Damascus government, the only real authority in accordance with the standards of international law. The Russians, along with the other allies of the Syrian state (Hezbollah, the SSNP militias etc …), are contributing effectively to the liberation of eastern Aleppo – the economic capital of the country – which for years has been under the (destructive) control of the Islamists.

The battle of Aleppo, as in every armed conflict from the twentieth century onward, unfortunately causes losses in the civilian population, exacerbated by the rebels using civilians as shields and refusing to let them leave along the corridors the Syrian government has opened to allow them to escape the final battle for the city

The picture, then, is clear: the Syrian State wants to legitimately regain the parts of the city occupied by the rebels (foreigners and funded by foreigners) with the help of its allies (Russia and others), trying to limit as much as possible civilian deaths.

US crimes ignored
Having bankrolled the “rebels”, armed and funded groups of Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda), triggered the embargo (other culpable omission of the Western media!) against Syria and carried out illegal military actions without any authorisation from Damascus Government, the US-led coalition bombed Syrian army positions in Dayr ar Zor, causing a massacre of soldiers, last September 17th. The bombing continued even after the Russians repeatedly told the Americans that they were hitting the wrong targets.

This act must be ascribed to the crime category because it was made by a foreign power (USA) against the legitimate forces of a country (Syria) engaged in fighting terrorist groups.

Moreover the bombing destroyed the truce, of which the United States itself had been a guarantor, which began on September 9th. Certainly the “ceasefire” was already fragile, given that other military actions, of lesser intensity, by the rebels had been recorded in the days before September 17th, but the US action helped to eliminate any residual hope of an even momentary peace.

And, coincidentally, the same Syrian positions were attacked by Islamist terrorists immediately after the end of bombings, with a speed and intensity that points to actual coordination between the US forces and the Jihadists. The doubt is more than justified.

At the last the UN Security Council meeting, held on September 25th , the American and British representatives labeled the Russian actions as “barbaric” and “war crimes” during the battle for the liberation of Aleppo. US and UK are trying to divert the attention, with the complicity (again!) of the Western media, from the real crimes committed by themselves.

Even the United Nations has pointed the finger – finally after five years – against another crime: the embargo by the US and EU on Syria. Those economic sanctions, indeed, hinder the already difficult supply of basic necessities and the work of aid to the civilian population, struck down by the war. Since similar international sanctions on Iraq caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, why should anyone expect sanctions on Syria to have any less devastating humanitarian consequences?

But the Western media ignore this slow mass murder, preferring instead to focus on the propaganda claims of the ‘White Helmets’, despite the documented involvement of this (George Soros-funded) propaganda wing of Al Nusra/Al Qaeda in the murder of defenceless prisoners and the manufacture of bogus ‘atrocities’.

The Information War
The responsibility of the US and its partners are therefore clear. As is the dirty game of the controlled Western media in the daily spreading of falsehoods against those who are actually fighting a fair war: the Russians and Syrians, who are undoubtedly on the road to victory, hence the increasing hysteria directed against them.

All these elements provide the clues as to the origin of the current tragic situation in Syria and the will of the Western actors (governments, institutions and mass medias): to escalate the tension aiming at a bigger scale conflict- many analysts speak about risk of an imminent World War III – by provoking Russia with all the military, economic (the well-known US and EU sanctions on Russia) and diplomatic means available.

Another war, in addition to the armed one, is therefore necessary: the Information War. Everyone who cares about peace and truth should get involved on this battlefield. If Russians, Syrians and their allies are fighting very well, counting among their ranks many martyrs, we Europeans have to do our part so that the sacrifice of those fighters is not in vain. So we have to continue with greater commitment to inform and spread the truth, acting as loudhailers of news coming from “the other side of the front” on websites including Russia Today, Sputnik, SANA, South Front and the Vineyard of the Saker. Because only by spreading the truth can we hinder the plans of the warmongers (US and NATO) the real champions of falsehood and chaos

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