APF-representatives participated in AFCO-hearing

by / Saturday, 11 February 2017 / Published in APF, In the European Parliament, News

On the 9th of February representatives from Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) participated in a hearing in the European Parliament, that was held by European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee (AFCO).

The APF was represented by it’s President, Roberto Fiore, Secretary General, Stefan Jacobsson, MEP Udo Voigt and the lawyer and legal representative Peter Richter.

The reason for the hearing is that the European Parliament are trying with undemocratic means to exclude the APF from party funding. However the MEPs in the AFCO did not present any evidence of the violations of European fundamental values. Instead they tried to smear the representatives.

The APF-representatives repudiated every single accusation of the self-proclaimed “democrats”, some of whom fled the hall during the meeting. And step by step showed that this case have no legal ground and that it is nothing more then political persecution.

The Committee must now submit a proposal to the plenary, so that they can make the final decision. Already at the meeting, the legal representative, Peter Richter, announced that if necessary, the APF will continue to the European Court of Justice, so they can intervene to the MEPS that abuses their competences to exclude a political party for purely political reasons only. Such a discriminatory behavior can never be accepted.