‘Liberal’ attacks on marriage are a direct threat to children

by / Friday, 10 February 2017 / Published in APF, liberalism

The sheer nastiness of the liberal/cultural Marxist war on the family is exposed in an article in today’s Guardian. The piece, by veteran feminist Suzanne Moore, masquerades as criticism of the ‘hen party’industry, and makes some perfectly valid points in doing so. But, underneath, it is just an excuse for a long sneer at the institution of marriage itself.

Here’s Ms Moore in full bitter (perhaps no-one ever asked her?) flight:

“I am well aware that to question marriage as an institution now marks one out as some kind of throwback. Everyone is ultimately drawn into this fundamentally conservative institution, which is really about the transmission of property.

“Try to celebrate your sexual freedom just before you commit to losing it by sleeping with the same person until you are dead.”

So it’s all about property and sex, to the liberal elite. Which of course ignores the fact that every society in human history (with the brief exception of the Bolshevik experiment, with which modern ‘liberalism’ shares so many destructive and anti-human traits) has had and continues to have institutions and ceremonies which commit one man and one woman to be together and to have children.

And there’s a very good reason for that: Because every single genuine scientific and objective study of the impact of marriage and non-marriage on the offspring of those involved shows that, by every single measure of welfare, marriage provides the best outcome for the offspring.

From educational achievement to mental health, from happiness to freedom from physical abuse, traditional Christian marriage is the best foundation stone for children to have the best chance of leading a good life.

Which means that liberal attacks on marriage such as Moore’s are not a piece of harmless eccentricity, but a deeply dangerous and cruel assault on the rights, happiness and even lives of innocent children.

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