Great start to fundraiser to keep the APF-Headquarter

by / Thursday, 30 March 2017 / Published in APF, Europe

Dear friends,

It’s only been two weeks since we launched our fundraiser to keep our Headquarters in Brussels. Since then we have raised approximately 2000 euro, so we are well on our way to reach the goal for the year, which is 15 000 euros.

I’m very optimistic that we will reach our goal if we all continue to contribute. On behalf of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who have already supported this cause, especially them who have signed up for monthly donations.

The Georgios and Manos Centre, have become the symbol of nationalism in the otherwise Eurocratic city of Brussels. And it is a matter of principle to keep it, despite the attempts from the European Parliament, the mass media and the extreme left, to shut us down.

Last weekend, on the 25th of March, the APF organized one-year anniversary of the Headquarter. Hervé Van Laethem (Belgium) and Gonzalo Martin Garcia (Spain), from the Board of the APF, both spoke at the well visited event and the participants could also have a look at an exhibition about the Headquarter – that clearly showed how much attention it have got from the establishment.

The same weekend, a delegation led by our President, Roberto Fiore, participated in a congress in Romania. The congress was organized by Partidul Romania Unita (PRU), and was historical as it was announced a political alliance beetwen PRU, Noua Dreapta and Romania Mare. This alliance was somehow promoted by the APF. The three parties received around 5 percent of the votes in the last Romanian elections.

As you all see, the APF continues to work and promote the interests of the European peoples. Despite that the European Parliament, wrongfully have frozen our financial support we still continue to make a difference. We continue to work on a volunteer basis and are organizing activities and in various ways supporting and working for a better future for Europe.

I also want to inform you that from the 1st of April our old KBC-bank account will not be valid anymore. The repression do not stop with the European Parliament, but now also from the bank. We have already started a procedure to open a new bank account, and as soon as this is open I will publish all the information. In the meantime it is only possible to pay or donate to the APF with Paypal and Credit Card.

Keep supporting our Cause – continue to help the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. We are here to stay – times are changing – globalism is losing and nationalism is winning.

Kind Regards
Stefan Jacobsson
Secretary General