AfD and National Action – lessons for real nationalists as the fakes hit the headlines

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The mainstream news media are still wailing about the “lurch of Germany towards extremism”. If the reports are to be believed, a party of ‘right-wing extremists’ has just jackbooted its way into the German parliament. Meanwhile, in Britain, the same liberal media are reporting on the arrest of members of the neo-Nazi group National Action. Both events need analysing from a genuine radical nationalist perspective; let us start with the rise of the AfD.

Reading through the lines, and taking into account the widely known dishonesty of the Fake News media when it comes to organisations and individuals who favour traditional values and the survival of the nations of Europe, genuine patriots could be forgiven for thinking that the result of the German election means that a big step has just been taken towards some future ‘salvation of the West’ as its people ‘wake up’ and reject liberalism and all the evils that spring from it.

Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Because the AfD is NOT a traditionalist, nationalist, patriotic, Christian party.

On the contrary, the AfD is a liberal party. It is opposed to the EU not because the Europhiles are at war with the identity and sovereignty of its subjects, but because the EU interferes with global free trade and – if it did some sensible trade deals with Russia – would threaten the global economic hegemony of the Federal Reserves’ Dollar.

And – whatever the views of its voters – the AfD leadership is against Islamisation not because it is the cutting edge of the drive to replace the Germans, ethnically and culturally, in their own homeland, but because it threatens the interests of homosexuals and the dogmas of feminism.

The AfD has some good policies (including financial support for German families to have children) and some good people, but overall its programme scarcely begins to acknowledge the real problems facing the West, let alone to propose a realist way to deal with them. Indeed, as a materialistic, liberal party, most of its attitudes come from the same stable as the policies which have brought the West to the brink of destruction. The AfD would accept Third World immigration into Germany – provided it isn’t Muslims. It’s pro-Zionist and pro-Washington – just another Ukip.

The real nationalists, the NPD, saw their vote crash to 0.4%. As a result of this election, Merkel’s gamble in importing well over 1 million young Muslim men can be seen to have paid off for the globalist elite behind the policy. Their puppet is still firmly in charge, dissent has been channelled to a useless safety valve. So now they can move on and bring in hundreds of thousands of ‘Christian’ Africans and hundreds of thousands of Muslim women and children through ‘family reunions’.

The ‘Great Replacement’ can continue without fear of any real resistance. Germany, like the rest of Europe, must perish!

The result confirms what we have already seen in Britain, Sweden, France and so on – there is no parliamentary road, for two reasons:

First, the globalists and Establishment liberal-left have learned how to use safety valve parties to block any threatened rise of genuine, principled, informed opposition. Second, the Crisis of the West is now so far advanced that there are no genuine solutions which are remotely ‘saleable’ in a democratic system.

As a result, it is guaranteed that things will not be ‘turned around’. The liberal West is doomed, and there is nothing that anyone can do to change that. So time and resources expended trying to save it will be totally wasted – and we do not have the time or resources to waste. The electoral battlefield is therefore something from yesterday.

Instead of worrying about it, we must therefore find ways to prepare for tomorrow.  And what will happen ‘tomorrow’? For demographic reasons there are only two possibilities: One, the more likely, is a lurch into the ghastly, Europe-wide civil war that Islamists, Zionists and the American Deep State are all, for their different reasons, determined to inflict upon us all.

The other, less likely, is a slow slide of the indigenous population into minority status, in which case the only possibility to keep the peace is if the indigenous minority is organised to protect its own rights and advance its own interests.

Fortunately, there are a host of moral and legal steps which nationalists can take to begin to prepare ourselves and the wider communities of which we are a part, for either end result.

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This is where it is useful to look at the recent arrests in Britain of a number of young members of the group National Action. First, let me make it clear that neither I nor the APF have the slightest sympathy for this group or its ugly, crude message.

Indeed, I have long repeatedly  pointed out that it is only reasonable to assume that a group that takes nationalism and contaminates it with the basest, most repellent and simply stupid slogans must be regarded as what British military intelligence theory long ago described and prescribed as a ‘pseudo-gang’ – a fake, set up to discredit genuine nationalism and to act as a honey-trap to sucker in frustrated youngsters in particular, so that they can be misdirected along a dead-end path which suits the interests of the Deep State.

They have already been used to set the precedent of banning supposedly nationalist organisations with legislation hitherto used only against Islamists. And they will no doubt be used to justify further repressive state actions in the future, including even tougher restrictions on the Internet and moving from banning a succession of new organisations to simply banning members of a proscribed group from setting up anything new at all. This is a rule the British state needs to deal with radical Islamists such as Anjem Choudary, but it is far more acceptable to the mainstream Muslim community if the change in the law is apparently directed against National Action. Useful Idiots indeed!

To say that liberal Europe is doomed and that the electoral road is closed in the majority of Western EU states may at very first sight appear to be to take a position quite close to that of National Action. But this is emphatically not the case. Rather, it is frank recognition of the fact that the electoral road is closed in states such as the UK which is the prerequisite for having the moral credibility and the strategic sophistication necessary to dissuade frustrated youngsters from listening to the simplistic and hate-filled siren songs of those directing NA and similar groups elsewhere.

The thing that allowed the dark forces behind NA to win over dozens of young nationalists was not nationalism. Their journey along the dark path did not begin when they first reacted to the injustices of life in a multi-cultural Utopia which has room and respect for everyone except heterosexual white males. It began with the ruthless efficiency of the liberal state (including the EU and the Fake News media) in crushing any prospect of even a moderately successful electoral response.

This phenomenon first emerged in the case of the Soho Nail Bomber, David Copeland, who was happy handing out leaflets and attending BNP election meetings, until he saw with his own eyes the collusion between the thuggish left and the police that made him conclude that there was no constitutional way to express his concerns. Copeland was radicalised not by the ‘right-wing’ circles in which he moved, but by the way in which the state and its plausibly deniable far-left militia would not allow those circles the most basic of democratic rights, let alone a path through which to influence society.

The same is true of National Action, which only emerged once the BNP’s wholly peaceful and constitutional challenge had been broken by a combination of underhand tactics, ranging from the BBC’s promotion of the Ukip safety valve, through extensive infiltration by the security forces and non-state opposition groups, and to relentless , persecution and violence’

This is the unpalatable (for liberals) lesson which needs to be learned very quickly in relation to Germany after last weekend’s election. And the same result poses a challenge for genuine nationalists too.

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That challenge is to find a realistic, useful alternative role that not only works to the long-term benefit of our people but also gives members and activists the sense of purpose, achievement and successes needed to keep them satisfied and involved, and to stop idealistic youngsters in particularly becoming so frustrated that they can be lured to prison or death by agents provocateur prodding them down the road to counter-productive extremism and violence.

True, the old electoral path still has appeal and validity in central and eastern Europe; it might even have in parts of the south. But in most of north west Europe we have to find that new role, or fade away and watch helpless as more naïve young fools are suckered down the National Action dead end.

What is that alternative role? Actually it has many aspects: There is the need for educational efforts, short, hard-hitting videos online will be particularly valuable, but old-fashioned books will also play a serious part in the future educational programme that will turn civic nationalist safety valve successes from the kiss of death for genuine nationalism into its best recruiting ground.

The root of the problem of European replacement is demographic, so the root of the resistance to the destruction of traditional Europe is demographic too. Hence work to encourage and support individual families, and also to build home-schooling and counter-culture initiatives to help bring up children with good values, are going to be of immense importance.

Experiments with counter-power, intentional communities and work to nudge existing ones in the right direction, is also a vital field for this coming Long War. In Germany this points very obviously in one specific direction – the best votes for the AfD came from the areas least effected by mass immigration, primarily in the in old east. It is already clear that the war that signals the end of the liberal ‘experiment’ will see Germany split between the Islamist-occupied West and the liberated East. Work to strengthen the lifeboat effect can only be to the good.

To the extent that the safety valve parties are promoted as a way of blocking a serious anti-liberal counter revolution, such work can also turn this to our advantage. Because the rise of the safety valve/controlled counter-jihad opposition parties is helping to involve and mobilise a new generation of broadly ‘right-wing’ activists.

Many of them will end up disillusioned and burnt out by the futility and innate liberalism of the parties in which they are placing their hopes. But, for a significant number, they will be merely the first step on a journey of discovery, of self-radicalisation. These are the people who can in due course be recruited and built into the real nationalist resistance in the future.

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Thus the AfD result does not – contrary to the hysteria of the liberal-left – show some sort of stunning electoral U-turn which offers help for salvation through the ballot box. Because the AfD advance will change nothing, nor could it ever change anything, because the crisis of the West and the demographic shift has already gone too far. But neither is it the unmitigated disaster that the collapse of the NPD vote would suggest.

Instead, it shows that a record number of Germans were prepared to come out and vote against being ‘replaced’. In due course they will find that their vote made no difference. What happens then depends largely on whether the genuine nationalists fail to see the big picture, and keep on vainly trying to fight the last political war, or whether they learn quickly, adapt, and set about instead preparing the ground – and above all the mentality – needed to win the next.

A crucial part of the work of the APF will be to aid, monitor and publicise every success and every lesson that is learned as nationalists all over Europe develop the new strategies and tactics needed to cope with – and take advantage of – the new political reality.

The ‘rise’ of parties such as the AfD – and the corresponding fatal attraction of the advocates of counter-productive confrontation – pose a challenge to us all. But the advance of civic nationalism also opens up vast new areas for productive work for real nationalists. It is just part of a historical process, the end of which is never in doubt: It is THEIR Europe which will go down in existential crisis; it is OUR EUROPE, which will rise from the ruins!