British Taxpayers Fund Cultural Marxist Child-Abuse

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British taxpayers are funding a vile cultural Marxist campaign that is leaving thousands of vulnerable and confused young children at serious risk of mental harm and even suicide.

Children as young as four are among 50 children a week being referred to gender reassignment doctors, it emerged last night. This practice goes against the growing weight of scientific evidence which shows that such ‘therapy’ does immense psychological harm to many ‘patients’ and that, left untouched, the vast majority of supposedly ‘gender confused’ children grow out of the condition and go on to become perfectly normal and happy adults.

Yet, despite the scientific facts, four four-year-olds, four children aged five and 17 six-year-olds have been referred to the specialist Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) in London

The number of children who visited the clinic in the last six months has risen by 24 per cent to 1,302, giving a weekly average of 50.

If the pattern continues over the next six months, the clinic could be visited by at least 2,600 children in 2017/2018.

The GIDS, hosted by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (above), was founded in 1989 and offers counselling to children as young as three.

While just 97 sought specialist help from the clinic in 2009, 2,016 saw the specialists in 2016/17.

The GIDS has clinics in Leeds and London, designed to help children who are unhappy with the bodies they were born in.

The unit offers one-on-one appointments, group sessions and ‘family days’ to help decide if the children require treatment.

When specialists in gender dysphoria meet the children referred, they can decide whether to prescribe under-11s powerful hormone blockers to halt the onset of puberty.

The tax-funded child-abusers claim the blockers are a safe way for children to explore whether they are transgender and would like to ‘transition’.

Gender expert Professor Miroslav Djordjevic criticised the figures, claiming it is ‘impossible’ to tell if a five-year-old is transgender.

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