Hungarian Patriots Plan Brussels Demonstration Against EU Migrant Quotas

by / Monday, 06 November 2017 / Published in Europe

Hungarian patriots are organising a demonstration in Brussels against the efforts of the European Union to force ‘refugee’s and mass migration on Hungary against the clear wishes of the Hungarian people.

Here is what the organisers say about the event, which is scheduled for 29th November:

“The greatest problem we are currently facing is immigration, which, in its current form, must be stopped. If immigrants continue to pour in, in such numbers and with little to no oversight or control, it will mean the end of our continent. The throngs of people coming in from Africa and Asia, is like a tsunami threatening to wipe us all away. The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, is at the forefront of the fight to protect the Schengen borders, and we civilians rally behind him by the million. We believe it is the sovereign decision of every country to decide who they want to live with. The European Union, however, does not ask the member countries when it comes to such matters, which are of vital importance. Eastern- Europe lived in the dictatorial shadows of the Soviet Union and The Red Army for 45 years. The communist regime is gone, but Brussels refuses to ask our opinion just the same, giving out orders, when all countries should be treated as equals.

“The European Union is going against its own founding principles and constitution, signed in Nizza in 2000, especially pertaining to Chapter 2, Article 6, which establishes the rights of citizens to live freely and safely. In September of this year, a court ruling in Luxembourg completely disregarded this article. In it, the court has denied the request of Slovakia and Hungary, forcing them to give haven to 120 000 immigrants. 

“We do not want the future of Hungary and of Europe to be decided by such politics. We do not want an Islamic Europe. We want to maintain the thousands of years of history and culture that has defined Europe to continue to do so. We want the people to make decisions about their fate as individuals across the continent. Let us decide who we want to live with, politics must not go over our heads.

“or this reason, we are organizing an international demonstration on the 29th of November, 2017, in Brussels, in front of the European Parliament, which also hopes to establish grounds for further international collaboration.”


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