APF Congress in Brno: Europe has to become a fortress

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On 18 of November 2017 in Brno the Congress of Alliance for Peace and Freedom took place with the participation of leadership of the APF and other foreign guests. The topic of congress was the Future of Europe, the task of Nationalists parties and solving the immigration invasion to our continent.

About 80 participants heard by way of introduction the speech of Sascha Rossmüller, a leading member of the German National Democratic Party (NPD), in which he covered the current situation of freedom in Europe: „We have to take our destiny in our own hands. There, where the foreign decision is valid, is no freedom.” He also warned on the expansion of Islam: “Europe went through renaissance and Age of Enlightenment, so it won’t get back to the stone age. Our women are too beautiful to hide themselves under burkas.” Rossmüller also mentioned that in modern time it is the supranational capitalism, which stands behind the present situation. “Capital has to serve the work, not work to the capital.”

Among the guests at the congress was Croatian university professor Tomislav Sunić, who spoke about the role of nationalism in modern time. According to him, European history is the history of civil wars and now we finally have a common chance, paradoxically because of influx of Afro-Asian immigrants, to form our white and European identity. The problem of today Europe, leaded by consumerism, is that “protecting patrons are not saint anymore, like the saint George, saint Michael or saint Isidor. Today patrons are more likely to be football players, Hollywood stars or speculators of European Central Bank.”

After professor Sunić the APF vice-president Nick Griffin also spoke about the fall of European traditional values: “So, while the masses keep enjoying their McDonalds and football matches, we nationalists struggle to wake them up and we look darkly into the future and warn people that Europe is doomed.“ He also outlined the next development in Europe: “The Visegrad 4 (…) is destined to become the Bastion of Christian Europe. With the help of millions of white Western refugees whose children will help you get over your own demographic crisis, these are the nations that will lead first the resistance and then the long Reconquista. The future of Europe is here. (…) The greatest treasure of all – children – will be safe here too – the children and grandchildren who will one day go back to liberate the Lost Lands.“ Griffin also expressed the opinion, that the west liberal Europe will be destroyed, giving as an example of the scale of the problem the facts that about 2 million immigrants of military age have just arrived in Germany alone, in Great Britain the figure is more than half a million men, in the situation where UK’s army has just 42,000 men who are actually fighting fit.

Romanian nationalists were represented by Chrisiti Dumitru from Nuova Draepta party. He expressed his vision of a confederation Europe of separate states and rejected the so-called “United States of Europe”, because this superstate would only make current crisis deeper.

The President of the Czech party DSS,S Tomáš Vandas also spoke about the immigration crisis: “The immigration wave has to be solved resolutely, not by shuffling around. It is necessary to stop with the humanistic policy of kind faces. Refugees cannot have the feeling that European countries will take them and take care of them. No! We have to care of our citizens and ensure them the security.”

The Vice-president of the People’s Party Our Slovakia (ĽSNS) and MP, Martin Beluský, devoted in his speech to the whole political situation in Slovakia, where government representation gets closer and closer to Brussels and attacks the real nationalists, who wantsthe state to protect own people, not refugees.

APF President Roberto Fiore (right) devoted his talk to changes in Eastern Europe. “It’s a block, which stands against Brussels. Central Europe is a main place of political action and has to show to others, that the national revolution is possible. There are three forces, which can save Europe. Firstly it’s a government that protect people and its education. Secondly it’s a church that leads people on their mental way. Thirdly it is a nationalist movement, which can’t only enumerate the negatives, but also has a plan of restart, how to bring the population back to the nation. (…) Our wealth is on our soil, not in banks.(…) We stand for Christianity – even though we don’t have to believe. But we can response to Islam only via Christianity. APF stands on this barricade not alone, but side by side with our ancestors and national heroes.”

During the breaks, and after the official part of the congress, participants were able to enjoy at length informal discussions with the speakers. All-in-all, the meeting in Brno showed the strength of European nationalists movement of today, which will be a force in future European development.

Hynek Rint

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