Why I Am Now SURE That Brexit Won’t Happen…..

by / Thursday, 07 December 2017 / Published in Europe

With only a few dozen MPs in favour of Brexit, it was always at least possible that the political elite would deliberately fail to deliver the demand of the British people.

Ever since the vote, I have however been in two minds on the matter. After all – even though she personally was a ‘Remainer’, successfully delivering a real Brexit would have been not just a political triumph for Theresa May, but it would also have turned the Conservative Party into the natural recipient of the massive patriotic working class vote for 15 or 20 years.

That’s a lot of election victories and the death of the Labour party, so it could well have tempted the Conservative party, which has an unrivaled history as a power-winning, and power-holding. machine.

But now I have no doubt: Theresa May has no intention of delivering Brexit. She is deliberately fouling the whole thing up, so that a ‘No Deal’ Brexit looms, whereupon the political elite can collectively say: “This is so drastic that we’re not sure what to do, so we have to put it to another popular vote.”

Whereupon the duly terrified public will vote the ‘right way’, and bury Brexit – without Theresa having political blood on her hands.

Why do I think this? Partly because the level of  British governmental ‘incompetence’ is so great that it is literally impossible that it is genuine. The shambles with the DUP, the admission that not a single risk assessment has been done, the refusal to adopt a proper, tough negotiating stance – the whole thing is a ridiculous charade.

But, over and above all of that, my mind has been made up by the way Mrs May seized so eagerly on the Donald Trump Jayda Fransen retweets, and used the affair to insult Donald Trump and bring an instant end to any prospect of the good, special trade relationship which he was offering to a post-Brexit Britain.

IT doesn’t matter what one thinks of the USA or of Donald Trump; what matters here is the impact of this development on ordinary British voters. Unlike many of their counter-parts on mainland Europe, patriotic British people overwhelmingly prefer the USA to the EU, so if a good trade deal across the Atlantic was on offer, it would be impossible to drive them into the ‘No Deal’ panic required to get a second vote to reverse the verdict of the first Brexit referendum.

By insulting Trump and destroying the hope of a US trade deal, Theresa May has therefore, at a stroke, made a hard Brexit totally unsaleable to the average Brit. And with no soft Brexit either, that only leaves one way for this to end: Brexit Betrayal. Britain is going nowhere! Yet again, the Europhiles will succeed with their old trick: “Keep making them vote, until they vote the right way!”

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