The Primary Aggressor Is Israel

by / Monday, 26 February 2018 / Published in In the European Parliament, World

MEP Udo Voigt meets high-ranking politicians in Lebanon

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu recently put in a strong appearence at the Munich Security Conference fidgeting in front of the cameras with the damaged piece of an allegedly Iranian drone shot down. The Israeli head of government thereby wanted to call attention media-effectively to the threat situation of his country.

But this is only half the truth. About the other half western media which claim so much objectivity for themselves don´t report with no single word: about the fact that Israel takes the integrity and sovereignty of its neighbouring countries even less literally. It is a fact that the Jewish state – apart from the increasing number of Israeli air force attacks against targets in Syria which are illegal under international law – alone in 2017 violated the borders of its neighbouring country Lebanon 1898 times, of which 602 cases were sea violations, 254 were land violations and 1042 air violations. Thereby the number of border violations is practically explosing: whereas in march there were 82 cases (nearly three each day), in december there were already 186 cases, statistically 6.2 per day.

These figures which are confirmed by the UN blue helmets in southern Lebanon and are regularly reported to the UN headquarter in New York by them are to be found in a detailed overview which was handed over to the German MEP Udo Voigt from the National Democratic Party (NPD) last thursday by the Lebanese minister of National Defence, Mr Yacoub Riad Sarraf, in the course of a detailed conversation. On the occasion of a fact-finding visit which was made by the pan European Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), Voigt stayed in Lebanon as the head of the delegation. At this, he had the opportunity to get information – apart from the minister of Defence – also from the commander-in-chief of the Lebanese military forces, Gen. Joseph Aoun, from local representatives of the 20.000 inhabitant´s city of Qana as well as from high-ranking officials of the UNIFIL blue helmets in southern Lebanon. Furthermore, there were in-depth talks with the Maronite archbishop of the diocese of Baalbek, Mr Hanna Rahmé, and representatives of the Hezbollah in the Lebanese parliament, among them the Shiite MP Nawaf Moussawi. None of them sang the praises of Israel´s desire of peace. On the other hand the information gathered in Lebanon will soon be part of Mr Voigt´s work in the European Parliament.

Participants of the delegation were apart from Mr. Voigt his parliamentary assistent Karl Richter, who is also member of the Munich city council, as well as Ján Mora and Andrej Medvecky from the Slowak Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko (L´SNS). The chairman of the APF, Roberto Fiore, couldn´t take part due to an election appointment in Italy.

Berlin, 26th february 2018