Another “false flag”-action being prepared by the USA in Syria?

by / Wednesday, 14 March 2018 / Published in News

Udo Voigt warns of an announced disaster in Syria – European Parliament looks the other way

The Russian General Staff informed the world today about monstrous things from the Syrian conflict scene. In East Ghuta, rebel jihadist fighters were preparing the staging of another alleged use of chemical weapons, which would then be blamed on the Syrian government and serve as a cause for a USA “reprisal” strike against Damascus. According to the Russian chief of staff, there is a whole “casting” of women, children and old people on the ground to portray “victims” of a chemical weapons attack. Even activists of the controversial “white helmets” (in which, for example, the Berlin Christmas market assassin Anis Amri was active) and camera crews are already present.

Remarkable:  in today’s debate in the European Parliament on the situation in Syria, the debating speakers of the established parties did not mention this highly explosive scenario at all. Instead, they poured out the same allegations to the Syrian President Assad, blessed with cheap crocodile tears over hundreds of thousands of civilian war victims and the helplessness of the United Nations.

The non-attached MEP Udo Voigt, who witnessed the situation in Syria in 2015 and 2016, took the explosive development as an opportunity to make a dramatic appeal to EU leaders, and in particular to Foreign Affairs Commissioner Mogherini: “This is your hour”,Voigt said, calling for the world to hear about Washington’s dangerous game.

He recalled that the Syrian authorities have recently found 24 tons of chemical warfare agents in areas liberated from the jihadi terrorists, and that Damascus has addressed no fewer than 140 times the United Nations to ask for assistance in clarifying the origin of this arsenal. However, the truth about the masterminds of the Syrian tragedy is of no interest to New York or Strasbourg, which was once again proven by today’s debate in the European Parliament.

Udo Voigt’s speech will be available from Wednesday on, on his Youtube channel:

Strasbourg, 13.03.2018