President Jean-Marie Le Pen MEP has joined the Alliance for Peace and Freedom!

by / Wednesday, 28 March 2018 / Published in APF, In the European Parliament, News

This major advance for the APF as the clear upholder of principled and revolutionary nationalism took place on the 22nd of March, when the veteran French nationalist added his signature to those of the MEPS and national and regional parliamentarians adhering to the APF and its programme.


This is an historical event that comes at a time of great change in Europe. While the failed old Marxist and liberal policies are disappearing in the East and being questioned in the West, the idea of of Europe of traditions, sovereignties and identity is clearly dawning on the horizon.


Jean-Marie Le Pen represents for the APF and nationalists in general an extraordinary point of reference He is for all Europeans the very epitome of a history of ideological coherence and resistance; for the fighting people in our Continent our Jean-Marie Le Pen is a man of incredible value and courage.


We welcome Jean-Marie Le Pen at a time of revolutionary changes in Europe – our guide and leader for the oncoming struggles and victories!