What game is the Mossad playing Catalonia?

by / Wednesday, 07 March 2018 / Published in In the European Parliament

Always aggression by Israel: two explosive questions from MEP Udo Voigt

Israel and its intelligence service Mossad are one of the most obtrusive troublemakers in the Middle East, as the German NPD MEP Udo Voigt could recently witness on an information mission to Lebanon. But not only there: In Spanish media these days explosive reports have surfaced, according to which the Mossad has its fingers in the Catalonian conflict and tries to provoke an escalation. Citing a source in the Spanish secret service CNI, the reports say that the Mossad has long been trying to form a Catalan terrorist group, trying to recruit activists from the separatist youth organization ARRAN. Even assault rifles and hand grenades have already been provided by Israel for the future separatist terror in Catalonia, according to the CNI. For this reason, and because of other Mossad activities in Spain, the acting Spanish Foreign Minister Dastis has already protested to the Israeli ambassador.

Udo Voigt considers these revelations to be outrageous and therefore wants to know more about them. He sent a written question to the European Commission today inquiring into the extent to which EU-authorities are aware of Israeli intelligence activities in Catalonia.

In another question, Voigt asks the Commission if it is aware of the permanent Israeli border violations that are meticulously documented by the UNIFIL blue helmets stationed in southern Lebanon. Their number has increased significantly in the last year of 2017. The Lebanese Defence Minister Sarraf has recently provided detailed figures to the German MEP on his visit to Beirut. In addition, Voigt would like to know to what extent the Commission has already protested to the Israeli Government against permanent border violations.

Violations of human and minority rights are always a big issue for the EU across the globe, whether in Iran, China or Hungary. As things are now, it would be Israel’s turn. The Commission’s response to Udo Voigt’s requests could be interesting.