APF President slams ‘sickening’ false flag atrocity

by / Monday, 09 April 2018 / Published in APF, News, World

“The threat of World War as a result of the confrontation in Syria is greater even than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the blame for this rests squarely with the Washington ‘Deep State’ and their Zionist allies, on account of their refusal to accept the fact that the Syrian and Russian governments and their allies have defeated ISIS and the attempt to use radical Islamism as a weapon of imperialist foreign policy.”

Roberto Fiore, President, Alliance for Peace and Freedom


The Syrian Army had absolutely no reason to sabotage its own victory in Eastern Ghouta by giving the Western powers the perfect excuse to intervene in Syria. The claim that they did so by launching a chemical attack is as ludicrous and unbelievable as the ever-changing allegations of the British government over the Skripal poisoning. Clearly attacks were carried out in both cases, but by very different actors to those so conveniently and implausibly accused.

Everyone worried by the looming threat of super power confrontation over the chemical atrocity in Douma should remember the vital test “Cui bono?”

Further, we recall that on 19 March 2018, the Syrian and Russian armies warned that a new chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta would be instigated under a false flag. The Syrian army had already seized two ‘rebel’ chemical laboratories on 12 and 13 March. On 20 March, during a meeting of the Leaders of the Russian Armed Forces, the Russian Minister for Defence, General Sergey Shoygu, referred to three attempts to use these weapons during the week in Eastern Ghouta. Vladimir Putin himself also warned publicly of the threat of false flag atrocities in Syria.

The final spur for the Douma false flag attack seems to have been Donald Trump’s 29th March announcement of his intention to withdraw all US troops from Syria.

Last night’s Israeli attack on the Tiyas airfield was a blatant act of war against Syria, as are the Nato preparations for a far bigger strike. All of us who favour a peaceful resolution to the war on Syria and wider conflict in the Middle East can only view with alarm Sunday’s demand by the Israeli  Strategic Affairs and Public Security Minister, Gilad Erdan, for American military action against Syria.

We also note the article in the Jerusalem Post, “Why Israel needs to Prepare America for the Upcoming War in Syria”. This clearly reflects the position of the Likud regime on the ‘desirability’ of involving the USA and its Nato allies in a war with Syria, Iran and Russia.

Author  Eric R. Mandel proposes that Washington must be made “war-willing partners” in the imminent attack by the Israeli Defense Forces against Syria, Russia and Iran.

“It is all too clear that the false flag atrocity in Douma was a key part of the propaganda campaign to encourage the Nato powers to be ‘war-willing’,” Roberto Fiore said this morning. “The lives of innocent children have been sacrificed to the false gods of lies and war. The whole affair is sickening and frightening, but it only strengthens our resolve to argue and work for peace in Syria and freedom from the threat of globalist wars.”