Milan Congress and Meeting

by / Wednesday, 30 May 2018 / Published in APF, News

The Europhile bureaucrats want us dead – but whatever they do we refuse to die! The Alliance for Peace and Freedom held its latest Congress in Milan on Friday and Saturday 18th – 19th May. Members and supporters came from all over Europe (and even the USA) to take part in a packed programme and to show the APF’s willingness and ability to resist the outrageous and thoroughly undemocratic persecution by the Brussels authorities.

Both the APF and the related European Foundation, Europa Terra Nostra, held their Congresses, in which the main business was the required formal vote to accept the blue-chip level audit report from accountants Ernst & Young. In each case, the audit was passed with flying colours and without any reservations or even recommendations for improvement by the auditors. This is a mark of probity and professionalism which often eludes much bigger and longer established parties.

As well as accepting the audit report, the APF members also voted unanimously to approve the adhesion of two further national parties to the Alliance. These are LePen from Greece and Noua Dreapta (‘New Right’) from Romania.

After the Congresses, all present were joined by more local supporters for a larger conference/meeting.  The theme of this was ‘Winds of Change’, and a variety of speakers examined different ways in which the politics of Europe are indeed changing rapidly as the winds and tide of History turn against the out-of-touch liberal elite.

The principle speakers were APF Vice-President Nick Griffin; Ivan Bilokapić – Europa Terra Nostra – Croatia; Tudor Ionescu – Noua Dreaptă – Romania; Tomáš Vandas – Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti (DSSS) – Czechia; Gonzalo Martin Garcia – Democracia Nacional – Spain; Attilio Carelli – Movimento Sociale Fiamma Tricolore; Milan Mazurek – Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko (ĽSNS) – Slovakia and APF President Roberto Fiore – Forza Nuova – Italy.

In the evening, the hard-working volunteers of the local Forza Nuova headquarters in Milan laid on a meal for all present. Later, Europa Terra Nostra stalwart Jens Puehse took to the stage an acted as Master of Ceremonies for a very varied concert. Musicians and singers from Italy, Germany and Great Britain took turns on the stage, with a lot of traditional folk songs also being sung from the floor.

Additionally, new visitors to the city were taken on a tour of its main central sites, including its stunning historic Cathedral. Once again, thanks are due to the FN volunteers who did so much to make everyone feel welcome.

By the time everyone headed for home, there was a realistic appreciation of the scale of the EU’s hostility to the APF, together with a corresponding determination to keep on with our vital work, whatever they do. Because the winds of change are blowing in the right direction at last; history is being made, and we are playing our role in making it.