Fortress Europe now! „No“ to further mass immigration!

by / Wednesday, 11 July 2018 / Published in Europe, News

The Great Replacement is threatening our Western heritage! For too long the problem of mostly non-European mass immigration has gone unsolved. There is no time to lose before adopting drastic measures, otherwise the so called „Decline of the West“ will become the tragic reality of the European peoples.

The essentially discussions on this issue within the European Union that have taken place are nothing more than a non-effective placebo. What´s really needed is Fortress Europe! After all, numerous polls confirm that European people increasingly see migration as a key concern. The long overdue response to irregular migration would be to seal Europe’s borders and decide applications for asylum in regional disembarkation platforms outside Europe.

Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri has recently warned that Spain must expect a significant increase in migrant arrivals. To meet the challenge he stressed the importance of setting up international housing centres in Africa to which migrants are would be taken when they are picked up at sea, instead of bringing them the long way to Europe.

Increasingly, traffickers in Niger offer to take migrants to bring to Europe via Morocco instead of through Libya. As a result the number of asylum seekers reaching Europe by the so-called western-mediterranean route to Spain has surpassed boat arrivals to Italy this year. In June alone, more than 6,000 migrants entered the European Union by crossing into Spain from Morocco. Frontex is now warning that the route could overtake others as the most important gateway into Europe, including the central mediterranean route to Italy, or the Balkan route.

And what does the European Commission do? Nothing! President Jean-Claude Juncker has said that the Commission will put forward a plan for securing the European Union’s borders, but the proposal is to deploy 10,000 border agents – but not until 2020.

That´s ridiculous! If that´s all, then it’s good night Europe! Anti-immigration policy has to start now – immediately! We need strict border controls and a coast guard agency that is competent to stop non-governmental search and rescue groups (aka not-for-profit people smugglers) in international waters off Libya or elsewhere if needed.

Furthermore, Europe needs a credible strategy for organising the remigration of those who have no right to stay. The restrictive approach to asylum procedures in Hungary shows how it could work, given the necessary political will. Nationalists would have this will; the Establishment in Brussels? Never!