The Great Replacement is threatening our Western heritage! For too long the problem of mostly non-European mass immigration has gone unsolved. There is no time to lose before adopting drastic measures, otherwise the so called „Decline of the West“ will become the tragic reality of the European peoples. The essentially discussions on this issue within

Milan Congress and Meeting

Wednesday, 30 May 2018 by

The Europhile bureaucrats want us dead – but whatever they do we refuse to die! The Alliance for Peace and Freedom held its latest Congress in Milan on Friday and Saturday 18th – 19th May. Members and supporters came from all over Europe (and even the USA) to take part in a packed programme and

“The threat of World War as a result of the confrontation in Syria is greater even than during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the blame for this rests squarely with the Washington ‘Deep State’ and their Zionist allies, on account of their refusal to accept the fact that the Syrian and Russian governments and their

This major advance for the APF as the clear upholder of principled and revolutionary nationalism took place on the 22nd of March, when the veteran French nationalist added his signature to those of the MEPS and national and regional parliamentarians adhering to the APF and its programme.   This is an historical event that comes

Dear comrades, colleagues and sympathizers, The year draws to a close and Christmas approaches. The Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) has now been active for a year – and what a year it has been! With only limited resources we have accomplished more than we could have hoped for. The APF has organized two