“I met Michel Aoun, with the European delegation of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, a little over one year ago. The general is a real bastion of the free and Christian Lebanon”, is the comment of Roberto Fiore – President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom – few hours after the election of Maronite

For several years, ISIS’ online propaganda magazine has been called Dabiq. The magazine – a mixture of incitement to terrorism and Wahhabi preaching for borderline retards –  took its name from the town of Dabiq in north east Syria. An ancient Islamic prophesy picked the place out as the scene of a decisive battle between

Europe is under attack. Immigrants are pouring into the West. Terrorist threats and attacks are becoming the ‘new normal’ for the peoples of Europe. But there is also a growing resistance in Europe – nationalists and patriots – who are fighting for our civilization. The Alliance for Peace and Freedom have become one of the

War on Disinformation

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 by

American “democratic” bombs bring destruction and chaos. Just look at the pictures – the web is full of them – to realize the destructive mission conducted by the US: Iraq, Libya, Yemen (where the Saudis are using weapons made in the US and its UK puppet to bomb civilians) and Syria. We will focus in

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A staggering 98.3% of Hungarian voters have rejected the EU’s attempt to use ‘refugee’s as the thin end of the wedge that would have ended up turning the central European nation into a copy of the immigrant-ridden doomed states of Western Europe. The vote gives Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, the clear moral authority to

A new flood of Jihadi ‘refugees’ is about to hit the European Union. The new hotspot is the Bulgarian/Turkish border, where the numbers of ‘refugees’ trying to cross has increased rapidly since the failed coup in Turkey. Here’s why: The failed US-backed coup, and the resulting rapprochement between Erdogan and Russia, has already produced changes

All nationalists will be aware of the growing problem of the ruthlessly totalitarian censorship policies of Facebook. Indeed, the ultra-‘liberal’ social media giant is increasingly being dubbed ‘Farcebook’ by people in the know, because the scale of its censorship is now becoming utterly ridiculous. The latest shocker is that Facebook’s Minitru ‘moderators’ are now banning

The terrorist who murdered 84 innocent men, women and children in Nice was an activist with the far-left ‘No Borders’ organisation. The shocking revelation was made by Giovanni Toti, governor of Liguria after Italian police confirmed that Mohamed Bouhel had been seen with the thuggish left-wing militants during border clashes in the town of Ventimiglia last year. Police are

Pro-Life Weekend in Budapest

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Via Crucis Nationum for Nations United in Christ for Life of Europeans – supported by the Alliance for Peace and Freedom 23-24th of July, 2016, Budapest (Hungary)   On July 23 2016, pro-life representatives from various countries will begin a march and prayer vigil to the sound of the noontide Angelus bells that commemorate the

The British media are unanimous in saying that the much-delayed Chilcot Report is ‘devastating’. So after a couple of days of tut-tutting the whole question of how Britain was dragged into war, not just in Iraq but in a whole series of insanely dangerous foreign military adventures, can be put away in a box and

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