APF is participating in the big Danish political festival ”Folkemødet” which is being held on the island of Bornholm in June. Danskernes Parti ( :Party of the Danes) is hosting 3 events on the festival, one of which will be a panel discussion between members of the APF. Roberto Fiore (Forza Nuova, Italy), Georgios Epitideios

Our globalist enemies work together, so it’s vital that we in the National Resistance do the same! Every serious nationalist has known this for years, so we’re very happy to be able to bring you news of real progress towards building a powerful block of radical nationalists all over Europe. On the 4th of February

Here are the facts: 1) The USA and its Saudi and Qatari allies funnel weapons to Islamic State through Nato member Turkey; 2) The USA and its EU and UK puppets try to strangle the Syrian government/s efforts to fight the Islamist invasion; 3) USA ally Israel repeatedly bombs the Syrian army to aid the

Europe is undergoing the most dangerous foreign policy crisis since the end of the Cold War. For over a year, the rulers of the United States, NATO, and in their wake, the European Union, have done everything possible to manoeuvre Europe into a new confrontation with Russia. These irresponsible lunatics are try to lure Russia

“Islamic Jihad will come to Western Europe!” That was the warning given by APF President Roberto Fiore and Nick Griffin when they returned from Syria in June 2013, having interviewed captured Jihadi terrorists in Damascus. Today, their warning came true. With the tragic attack on the Charlie Hebdo building in Paris, where at least twelve

The undemocratic repression of Golden Dawn was ordered personally by the EU’s puppet Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, whose government is in blatant breach of European human rights laws. These are the key findings of a delegation of political leaders and lawyers sent to Athens by the leading pan-European nationalist organisation, the Alliance for Peace and