Intervention during the debate in the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg made the Golden Dawn’s MEP, Lampros Fountoulis. The topic of the discussion was the progress report on Turkey’s accession course. Of course, Golden Dawn’s MEP pointed the fact that Turkey has no place in Europe and listed the numerous cases in which

Wide-ranging interview with APF Vice-President Nick Griffin on Radio Free South Africa. This station, based in exile in the USA, has built up a big audience in several years of relentless work dedicated to helping the oppressed and endangered Boer minority in South Africa.  

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Roberto Fiore challenges smear-mongering MEP to debate   A leading Swedish socialist MEP has today been challenged to a public debate, as a matter of ‘real democracy and principles of tolerance’, by Roberto Fiore, President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF).   The challenge, which the Italian former MEP made in a letter

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When nationalists around the world meet, a common topic of conversation is often along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if even just one country chose a real nationalist government so that everyone could see that our ideas work in practice?” Well, just such a place exists, and it’s called Belarus! So an APF

Why Peace and Freedom?

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Our name wasn’t just picked out of a hat! It’s about the things that matter most! When we speak of ‘peace’ we refer in particular to the urgent need to counter the all-pervasive neo-con/Main Stream Media warmongering against Russia and her allies. We seek to do this through the exchange of ideas, combating dehumanisation propaganda