Dear friends, It’s only been two weeks since we launched our fundraiser to keep our Headquarters in Brussels. Since then we have raised approximately 2000 euro, so we are well on our way to reach the goal for the year, which is 15 000 euros. I’m very optimistic that we will reach our goal if

PER L’EUROPA DELLE PATRIE! Conferenza a Genova l’11 febbraio. Genova è stata scelta per dare inizio al nuovo anno di lotta politica. A Genova attivisti e simpatizzanti nazionalisti europei si raduneranno per ascoltare le parole dei capi del nazionalismo europeo. A Genova festeggeremo l’NPD, partito membro di APF, reduce dalla recente vittoria alla corte costituzionale

The German Federal Constitutional Court refuses to ban the NPD for the second time The German Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe yesterday refused, for the second time, to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). The NPD, the oldest nationalist party in Germany, is thus still legally capable of acting – and is now

We’ve never heard anything like this before. Utterly haunting. Listen for yourself, and then take a few minutes to watch the other videos and think about whether the deliberate destruction of beautiful traditional European societies is really ‘progress’ – or something so wrong it can only be described as evil? But they’re planning a new

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  Startling video put together by a Flemish youth group exposing the level of Jihadist violence being covered up by the liberal MSM across Western Europe.  We are promoting this video because the young people who made this have passion, talent and a vital message – so we feel we have a duty to help

It has been a good year for the nationalistic opposition. As we start to summarize the year it is becoming clear for the first time in Europe the opposition has been able to coordinate its efforts, thanks to the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Next years’s new challenges are waiting and that is why I

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“A superb conference – one of the very best I’ve ever attended”. This was the high praise for a major congress organised by the APF’s allied Foundation, Europa Terra Nostra, in north Germany over the weekend of 21 – 23 October. The Freedom Congress (Freiheitlicher Kongress) featured speakers from Europe, USA and the Middle East.

In connection with the Russian President Vladimir Putins visit in Berlin last week, MEP Udo Voigt handed over a personal statement to the Russian ambassador Vladimir Mikhaylovich Grinin. Udo Voigt, who also is a member of APF distant himself from the policies of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and expressed that he will continue to

Information meetings in Germany

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More and more people have started to get interested in the work of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom. Supporting- and Individual members are joining from all over Europe to create a movement that can unite patriots and nationalists to work together. Jens Pühse, board member of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom, recently had

For several years, ISIS’ online propaganda magazine has been called Dabiq. The magazine – a mixture of incitement to terrorism and Wahhabi preaching for borderline retards –  took its name from the town of Dabiq in north east Syria. An ancient Islamic prophesy picked the place out as the scene of a decisive battle between