Europe is under attack. Immigrants are pouring into the West. Terrorist threats and attacks are becoming the ‘new normal’ for the peoples of Europe. But there is also a growing resistance in Europe – nationalists and patriots – who are fighting for our civilization. The Alliance for Peace and Freedom have become one of the

A staggering 98.3% of Hungarian voters have rejected the EU’s attempt to use ‘refugee’s as the thin end of the wedge that would have ended up turning the central European nation into a copy of the immigrant-ridden doomed states of Western Europe. The vote gives Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, the clear moral authority to

A new flood of Jihadi ‘refugees’ is about to hit the European Union. The new hotspot is the Bulgarian/Turkish border, where the numbers of ‘refugees’ trying to cross has increased rapidly since the failed coup in Turkey. Here’s why: The failed US-backed coup, and the resulting rapprochement between Erdogan and Russia, has already produced changes

“Many a true word spoken in jest!”  

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Western European civilisation is “at the end of its existence” as  result of the intellectual and spiritual collapse of Germany, Britain and other countries wrecked by liberalism. That’s the view of experts in Poland, where a revival of muscular Christianity among the young was highlighted at last year’s 100,000-strong Independence Day march in Warsaw (video

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Five ISIS training camps embedded like poisonous leeches in the underbelly of Europe. And one of them is within walking distance of the largest American military base outside of the USA. The place? Kosovo. And this deadly dangerous scandal is yet another example of how aggressive American and EU foreign policy adventures have played a

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The ghastly Bastille Day Massacre in Nice is in all the headlines. Our initial thoughts are, of course, with the innocent victims.  Anger against the terrorists is, naturally, the next most widely felt emotion. Anger against the ideology that drives them follows swiftly on. And that‘s where the West‘s ruling elite and their controlled media

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On July 23 2016, pro-life representatives from various countries will hold an international March for Life in Budapest. The parade will begin  to the sound of the noontide Angelus bells that commemorate the 1456 victory of Christian Europe over a Muslim invasion force at Nándorfehérvár (Belgrade). The march will start in the square named after

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The people of Britain are about to become the next victims of the ‘Coloured Revolution’ tactics used by Washington and Brussels against democratically elected governments from Serbia to Syria, from Ukraine to Brazil. Within a few days of the British electorate’s totally unforeseen grass-roots decision to defy Establishment bullying and waves of MSM propaganda to

The British Lion has roared! To be more accurate, the English and Welsh have chosen freedom. The echoes of that choice will be heard all over Europe in the next few years and will bring the tyranny of Strasbourg’s blasphemous new Tower of Babel crashing to the ground! So I’m delighted to say that I

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