Russians Get In-Depth View Of Udo Voigt

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Short Russian language documentary about the work of Udo Voigt, MEP and valued senior member of the APF.

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A new scandal is set to engulf the EU and German political elites. Ingeborg Grässle, head of the Brussels Budget Control Committee, has announced proposals to open an investigation against the EU Parliament’s former President, Martin Schulz.   Socialist Schulz now risks seeing his candidacy against Angela Merkel undermined by the fraud case.   Among

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On the 9th of February representatives from Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF) participated in a hearing in the European Parliament, that was held by European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee (AFCO). The APF was represented by it’s President, Roberto Fiore, Secretary General, Stefan Jacobsson, MEP Udo Voigt and the lawyer and legal representative Peter Richter.

In connection with the Russian President Vladimir Putins visit in Berlin last week, MEP Udo Voigt handed over a personal statement to the Russian ambassador Vladimir Mikhaylovich Grinin. Udo Voigt, who also is a member of APF distant himself from the policies of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and expressed that he will continue to

Sex slavers and organ traders are preying on thousands of refugee children who vanish in Europe. The scandal – which no liberal politician has dared to expose – has now been taken up by APF Member of the European Parliament, Udo Voigt. Udo has taken the shocking facts and used them to submit an official

With patriots and Christians in more and more countries facing increasingly repressive ‘liberal’ regimes, we draw attention of defence lawyers everywhere to this important article: On Thursday 21 April, Members of the European Parliament issued a common call for the enhanced protection of freedom of conscience in Europe and beyond. In the “Declaration on the

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“We welcome the Parliamentary investigation, because if it is carried out fairly and objectively we have no doubt that it will confirm that the APF does indeed uphold true European principles, thus ending the recent burst of defamatory and dishonest reports by leftist and capitalist media outlets.” This is the response today from Roberto Fiore,

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On the 2nd of May MEP Udo Voigt organized an APF-congress in the European Parliament under the slogan “Syria: tolerance or terrorism?” The Focus was information about the background and current development of the conflict in Syria. Recently the Alliance for Peace and Freedom had a delegation in Syria to see with their own eyes

Intervention during the debate in the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg made the Golden Dawn’s MEP, Lampros Fountoulis. The topic of the discussion was the progress report on Turkey’s accession course. Of course, Golden Dawn’s MEP pointed the fact that Turkey has no place in Europe and listed the numerous cases in which

Intervention during the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week did the Golden Dawn‘s MEP, Lampros Fountoulis, during the debate on the leakage of the famous documents of Panama. In it, he stressed the need to explore in depth the lists in order to found the criminal responsibility of the persons involved, he